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So, does Terence Howard score points for coming up with a pretty crafty scheme to keep his ex-wife Michelle Ghent from getting her hands on nearly half a million dollars of his money?

Or, is he at risk of going to jail for it?

You see, Ghent is claiming that Howard owes her $481,715 and growing in back spousal support and legal costs and of course she looking a for a payday and wants the courts to force the issue, according to TMZ.

Terrence claimed most of his earnings go directly to another ex-wife Lori McMasters in the form of support … and there’s not enough left over to pay Michelle.

But in Michelle’s new court docs she says Terrence admitted, back in 2013, that he created the “fake debt” to McMasters. She says his plan was to make it look like he had no funds — and he told her, “I am not gonna give you one cent.”

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Michelle says Terrence hauled in at least $1.3 mil last year alone … and has steady work lined up for the next 2 years that will pay handsomely.

The bottom line is this: Michelle Ghent wants her cut of every cent of Terrence Howard’s future earnings until the debt is paid off.

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4 thoughts on “Terrence Howard Accused of Faking Debt to Avoid Paying $481K to Ex

  1. KickBricksYaGolddigger on said:

    I’ve often heard radio “shock jock” Tom Leykis ( state that there’s NOTHING really in it for wealthy men getting married. A win-win scenario for the woman however. If it doesn’t work out (likely the case w/celebrities), he has much to lose ($$$$). Wealthy Black (and other) men should be “terrified” of getting married. Best wishes to Mr. Howard & his bank account. Just my opinion on the matter!

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