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Tyrese Gibson got his nanny quite the generous gift. He bought her a new black Audi Sedan for being such a great caretaker of his daughter.

He started the video off by saying his nanny has “been with my daughter [Shayla] for a year and a half” and that he “just bought her a new car [as] a surprise for her.”

He screamed “you got a new car, Elva!” A surprised Elva covers her mouth and said, “no, no, no” and “oh my God.

“I can’t believe this!” Elva said. Gibson told her again, it’s “your car” and then said “get her to sign [the paperwork], get her to sign right away.”

The video is filled with smiles, laughs, cheers and tears. And the original Facebook got an overwhelming response due to the generosity of this celebrity employer.

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5 thoughts on “Tyrese Gifts His Nanny With A New Black Audi Sedan! (Watch)

  1. That was kind of him. We need to hear more positive stories like this.
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