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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman punched repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer in an incident caught on video will receive $1.5 million under a newly reached settlement, and the officer has agreed to resign.

CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow confirmed the settlement in an emailed statement Wednesday night and an attorney for Marlene Pinnock confirmed the terms for The Associated Press.

The settlement came after nine hours of mediation in Los Angeles.

Pinnock’s attorney Caree Harper says they wanted to make sure the 51-year-old Pinnock could have financial stability for the rest of her life and wanted to make sure that Officer Daniel Andrew would not be an officer any longer.

The July 1 video of Andrew punching Pinnock by the side of a freeway was captured by a passing driver and spread widely on the internet and television.

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23 thoughts on “Woman Punched By Patrolman Gets $1.5 Mil, Officer Resigns

  1. That’s what you have to do, hit them in their pockets!!!!!! Make them loose money for treating people bad!!!!!! You say this is American, sue them!!!!! I bet that will make them look up or do something when they see funds are involved!!!!! Take them for whatever they have!! Thank you Jesus!!! Money is not everything, but they raise their heads when they see that they are loosing money!!!!! You did good now go take care of yourself and be at peace!!!!!

  2. Hopefully, she’ll use the money to pay for the necessary medication and care to prevent her from ever again doing anything that will endanger her life.

  3. Here’s what gets me. With the dramatic increase in police excessive force and brutality we’re seeing all over the nation, these settlements aren’t going to do anything to solve the problem. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great that she’s getting some form of justice. But these settlements are not paid by the officers; they’re paid by the city/county, whichever jurisdiction the officer is from. As I have a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice, data shows that prosecutions for police brutality are extremely rare, and convictions are even rarer still. This really isn’t going to stop until officers start getting locked up for this. If I punched someone in the face, I would go to jail for assault/battery. So, the officer should as well. The problem with these settlements is that since the officers don’t face any real consequences personally, they think they’re above the law. To stop this epidemic, we need to have a wave of prosecutions and convictions, that fit the crime the officers committed (i.e., battery, assault with intent, aggravated battery, murder). Only then will this problem start to be curbed.

  4. seriously on said:

    With this woman’s age, I hope she spends her money wisely as 1.5 mil doesn’t go that far in Los Angeles, she should move, buy a condo and put herself on a reasonable budget, as her tax on that money is around 25-30 percent and less that for her attorney…She will end up to a little over 1 mil and she has a lot of living left.

  5. I hope this lady’s family members do not take advantage of her by pressuring her for money, because if she is not wise in handling her money she can go broke. May she live in peace.

  6. stephanie on said:

    I am so happy for this lady, I hope she spends her settlement wisely, but a house outright, no mortgage, be aware of all the vultures, and live healthy and happy

  7. God’s wrath will come down on this (coward) officer, George Zimmerman and all of the other police brutalities past and present in America. It’s all just a matter of time.

    God is a man of his word….They “all” will reap what they sow.

  8. No tip needed to the videotographer, they already got paid by the media upon releasing the video and that was a good deed. Thank GOD for people with camers who care to video tape law enforcement brutality or anything that will cause harm to a person.

  9. I am glad for the lady and wish her and her family well. The problem I have is the officer yes he did resign but who says he won’t go some where else and get another job as a officer. The officer should be ban for life and not be able to ever work as an officer in the United States of America.

    • It’s possible but Law Enforcement individuals usually are black listed
      In incidents like this no major LEA would dare touch him even a small town
      In this day would have reservations I just hope the lady doesn’t go the way of
      Rodney King

  10. Timekeeper on said:

    Indeed, that videographer does deserve a tip, I hoe she remembers him! I wish other cases could be resolved this quickly. And yes, his officer got off light by resigning, he should have faced some charges. the citizens of America will unfortunately foot the bill as we always do. and when there is a money crunch down the road( there always is) the least of us will have to pay more and suffer the most. I am glad though, that at least they did recognize that she as wronged.

  11. Good for her-however, no amount of $$$ can ever erase the nightmare she went through at the hands of that POS PIG!

    Although he resigned he will still receive his pension-which is totally WRONG!!!!—

    What comes around goes around-this PIG will surely get his one day!!!!!!!!!!

    • seriously on said:

      You mean hit him in our pockets! Besides he will not face criminal charges which he should and since he resigned, he will be eligible for his retirement benefits. Because an felony conviction would have left him without his retirement benefits. I feel since we the citizens have to pay, we should not have to pay for his retirement as well. This did not cost him a thing. Where is the justice in that? This woman deserve her settlement and he earned his right to have atleast his benefits revoke.

      • I said it. on said:

        There was no way he was going to suffer more than a little embarrassment. I would have been ticked, if she didn’t get anything. Until the United States practices true justice, all we can hope for is a monetary payoff.

  12. “Police-Brutality”

    As another unarmed
    Victim is shot dead
    There are more questions
    Than answers to things unsaid.

    Who’s seeing to it that
    Injustice comes to a cease
    Who’s watching the watcher
    Who’s policing the police.

    Copyright 2008

  13. “Police-Brutality”

    Those who take the law
    Into their own hands
    Do what they do,becuz
    They know,they can.

    As the judge,jury and
    Prosecutor on the street
    A policeman’s right to be
    Wrong is not obsolete.

    Copyright 2008

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