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Last week, E! confirmed that “Fashion Police” will continue on despite the death of its fearless leader Joan Rivers, and rumor has it that NeNe Leakes and Tyra Banks have joined Kathy Griffin on the shortlist of possible replacements for the late comedian.

Perez Hilton claims that NeNe of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is a favorite to join Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos because the cable channel is trying to “diversify their panel with a different ethnicity.”

Tyra Banks is also a name floating around the replacement rumor mill, and Perez says Lisa Lampanelli and Amy Schumer have also been suggested to take Rivers’ place.

Rivers’ daughter and “Fashion Police” executive producer Melissa Rivers confirmed last week that the show would resume with a new host to replace her mom in January 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Griffin is the frontrunner for the position, and that rumors claiming she was going after the job before Rivers had even passed are false.

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15 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes, Tyra Banks Eyed to Replace Joan Rivers on ‘Fashion Police’?

  1. NeNe and Kathy Griffin don’t know schit about fashion just as the others and that Osborne dope fing. I don’t see Tyra Banks is a Real Super Model, I don’t see her stooping to the level of being on that show, she’s not desperate for money or attention nor does she indulge in drama as the others. Tyra Banks is too classy for that show, the too gays on her show has been guest on the show but nothing more. Please Tyra don’t do it, it would but you in the hall shame for Super Models.

  2. Joan Rivers is a tough act to follow. While Tyra as a model know about fashion, I do not think she is a good fit. Now, I definately do not think NeNe is a good fit at all. While she just really got into fashion and really only know what to wear because she has a stylist. Her fashion when she started RHOA was really wacked. Besides, no one wants to watch a loud mouth bully over talking everybody and barely letting them get their comments in. FASHION POLICE, I really think you are grasping at straws right now. Take your time choosing somone to replace her. The right person will come along…

  3. OMG, you have lost me as a viewer… Isn’t there enough Drama on TV… Can’t stand her.. Time to find better tV Show to watch.. Like the other 3 regulars on, You will lose allot of viewers

  4. Tyra and Nene are total opposites. Tyra is not going to talk about people like Joan did, and Nene has no room to talk and she is not going to talk about herself like Joan. There will never be anyone like Joan unless they don’t mind dissing themself.

  5. Special K on said:

    Joy2….this show doesn’t need drama. It needs personality and humor and class which I don’t think NeNe has. She is ratchet and hood and should stay right where she is…..RHOA, that’s if they’ll still have her after this season.

  6. I love Nene! People please realize, we were born with different personalities! I’m sure with in, Nene is a loving person she just portray a certain attitude in the Media for ratings!

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