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NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan court has sentenced a 41-year-old nurse to death for assisting a young woman to get an abortion which killed her.

A judge ruled Thursday that Jackson Namunya Tali was guilty of murdering Christine Atieno, who bled to death following a botched abortion in July 2009.

The judge ruled that “the accused person killed two people” and should “suffer death.”

Abortion is a highly divisive subject in this socially conservative East African country.

Abortions are illegal under current law, but hundreds of thousands of women still seek them
each year.

The existing law, however, does allow a doctor to perform an abortion if a woman’s life is in danger.

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3 thoughts on “Kenya Nurse Sentenced To Death over Abortion

  1. Mr. Wright on said:

    She broke the law and she knew it. It cost two people their lives. I wonder how many other lives she has taken before she was arrested. ………. Abortion is murder. That baby is alive. Don’t give me all that collection of cells lies and your body your choice. That baby is a living human and he deserves a choice too. Besides to all the people out their who thinks abortion is ok. You had choices. you skipped a lot of choices to get to the pregnant with a living being in your uterus. You could have not had sex. that was your choice. You could have used a condom. again your choice. You could have been on birth control. yep that was your choice. You could have taken a morning after bill. thats right you passed up that choice as well. finally when you missed your first cycle you could have had a doctor assist you with stopping that collection of cells from turning into a living human. Wow that was a lot of choices.
    I know for a fact that at the end of the first trimester if you were to poke the baby with a probe it would react to being poked and try to push the probe away.
    Murder should never be a choice.

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