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Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

Looking for a chance to pass down some wisdom, Columbus Short decided to weigh in on Ray Rice’s domestic abuse issues via social media.

The former “Scandal” star took to Twitter to voice his opinion of situation involving the former Baltimore Ravens player, who was released by the team on Monday after newly surfaced surveillance video showed him punching his wife in the face inside an elevator.

“DOMESTiC VIOLENCE is NEVER OKAY!!!! #WordToTheWise #SomethingsCantBeUnDone the@NFL made the right decision,” Short tweeted. “Violence against women who we should love and adorn is UNEXCEPTABLE. #RoleModelsDontHitWomen #ThatsReal.”

To say that Short’s comments are ironic is an understatement. After all, this is the same guy who threw away a gig on one of the hottest shows on TV after his personal life spiraled out of control upon getting arrested twice for putting his hands on his wife.

Now he’s dishing out words of wisdom on the same type of situation? Some things you just have to shake your head at and say “damn.”

But then again, maybe he’s the perfect person to speak on it.

Hmm, it’s funny how that works.

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