Towanda Braxton went through quite the emotional outburst on the season four premiere of “Braxton Family Values.”

Tamar Braxton addressed Townda’s interaction with one of Tamar’s fans on social media. Towanda screamed at her siblings; two of them had left during that dinner.

“Nobody f*ck!ng cares about me!” she yelled before rising from the table to leave. That was her breaking point.

She added, “for years, I’ve never been one to share or show my emotions. It’s almost an expectation from my family to not even ask about me or my feelings. Therefore, I taught myself not to show them at all and to suppress my feelings to be buried in the pit of my

soul,” Towanda wrote in her WEtv blog.

“When Iyanla [Vanzant] was my life coach, she warned me that somehow, it’s going to get to a point of explosion.”

Tamar and Towanda don’t see eye to eye on many things lately. Tamar’s criticism of Towanda led to the breakdown.

“I detested the fact that everybody thought, or everybody was feeling that Towanda was jealous of Tamar. I’m like, ‘How dare you think that someone who actually volunteered to carry your child is jealous?’ That’s ridiculous to me,” Towanda told ABC New Radio.

“Whenever Tamar needed and whenever Tamar wanted me to be there, I was there.”

Tamar’s fans came for Towanda on Twitter — saying she was jealous of her younger sister. Some fans even threaten to harm her children.

“It’s only so much a single person can take. When my children were being attacked on social media, that’s where I drew the line,” she wrote. “I’m absolutely not ever going to tolerate anyone disrespecting my children or nieces and nephews. They are off limits.”

She can be reserved with her emotions, but she wanted to remind everyone she has feelings too.

She added, “I can no longer be a punching bag of everyone else’s emotions,” she wrote. “Just because I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurting or going through something. I am human.”

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4 thoughts on “Towanda Braxton Dishes About Her Emotional Breakdown

  1. Towanda – when you blasted your sister Tamar’s IRS troubles to the world, you fought dirty. You can’t throw stones and hide your hand girl. Yes, we know that your sister Tamar has become quite successful, but you should support her and stop rolling your eyes when she opens her mouth. You may not be wearing your feelings on your sleeve, but your true feelings are being shown to the world by your expressions.

    Also, we remember you offering to carry her baby for her. She is not a monster..If I’m not mistaken, I thought that Tamar and her husband bought you that expensive car…I believe it was a BMW. There is obviously love between the both of you, you may have to just show her how to respect you so that you don’t put yourself in certain positions to be judged so harshly.

    Much love to you both…

  2. carmen on said:

    And Tamar need to shut the hell up sometimes, she talk too much. Anybody who talk that much is annoying whether you’re quite or not. Clearly the parents created that monster (Tamar) and now they can’t shut her up, she’s out of control, a spoiled brat growing up and now she’s a old spoiled brat. I don’t think she knows how to be quite sometimes…..yak yak yak all the time!

  3. carmen on said:

    That’s what happens when you hold stuff in for a long period of time/for years. You reach your breaking point and explode. The old saying was and still is “watch the quite ones”.

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