Jermaine Jackson is sticking up for his baby sister Janet Jackson — especially since folks should let that 2004 Super Bowl nipple controversy go.

In case anyone reading this has been living under a rock, during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet’s pasty – revealing her breast to millions of viewers.

But Jermaine is ready for the NFL to move on from it. The NFL blacklisted and banned Janet from the super bowl FOREVER.

TMZ broke the news to Jermaine that the NFL blacklisted his baby sister from ever performing at the super bowl again. His response, “are you serious? That sucks.”

“Who cares about Nipplegate?” Jermaine added — he called out the league for holding a grudge against Janet for ten years after her infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Jermaine warned the NFL about upsetting Ms. Jackson. She’s more powerful than ever being married to a billionaire!

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(Photo Source: AP)

8 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson to NFL: Let it Go, Lift Janet Jackson Ban

  1. I keep thinking about what Chris Rock said about Jermaine in his standup. He’s was always shady before and he’s still shady now. And yeah his makeup does look like he’s in a casket. Go sit down……

  2. Mary Burrell on said:

    I am no fan of Jermaine Jackson but for once i agree with him on this, let that mess go. Miley Cyrus and all those other white people do all kinds of nasty stuff and nobody says anything about that.

  3. carmen on said:

    He’s behind thousands of dollars in child support. He owes child support for the kids he had by his brother’s ex wives, gross.

  4. I agree with Jermaine, it is time to lift the ban on Janet. We can all agree that the NFL is not pure. I appreciate him speaking up for his sister. Society has become heartless and disrespectful. To make such hateful commits about Jermaine was very low. However I am not surprise, we are becoming a very bitter, hateful and cruel society. It shows everyday with commits that are made

  5. She’s more powerful than ever, being married to a billionaire. Yet she is still powerless to convince you, her own brother to scrub that damned show police off the side of your head.

  6. seriously on said:

    Jermaine, you should let it go and stop trying to live off your brother and sister fame. So what the NFL is petty enough to ban Janet, you must not have read the NFL request that half time acts pay to play…So who cares….And the NFL has never had a performer more than once at their half-time game…So it isn’t like lifting the ban actually means something.

  7. carmen on said:

    Always look like his makeup is done by a mortician. He still wears greesy jheri curls, “let it go” Jermaine. He’s the brother that commits incest in their family.

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