08/18/14- Sybil Wilkes discusses the morning’s news and headlines including the details surrounding Michael Brown’s autopsy, Governor of Texas Rick Perry’s Indictment, former NFL pro Vince Young’s new gig and much more. Click the link above to hear!


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One thought on “SYBIL’S NEWS: Michael Brown’s Autopsy, TX Governor Indicted, Vince Young’s New Gig

  1. ’’ Skepticism’’ Do not call me American If I can’t be treated well Because of my nature, But I do have a mind And I also have a heart They’re aware of the Same brightness as all. Do not call me citizen If I have to be botched. Indeed, my DNA is hot Because Missouri is still Still crying and burning. Quench then the fire, and The best will glow among us. The mine’s tag no. found In Savannah, and it belonged To the same anthem as all. Do not call me American If so on, and on! Do not call me Bo, as well, If my exertion can’t be branded Into the melting-pot, Because of my backdrop, and The mine’s shabby boots are still At the Museums where they’re Aware of the same color as all.

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