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Last week was not a good week for former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star Janet Hubert, who lost her battle for medical coverage of treatments needed to help her deal a string of rare medical issues.

According to a report, the federal court judge presiding over the case granted a motion from the American Federation of Television and Radio Acts (AFTRA) and Hubert’s insurance to dismiss the case completely. As a result of the judge’s ruling, which was handed down Aug. 7, Hubert received nothing.

The judge’s decision is the latest in a saga involving Hubert. The entertainer, who played the original Aunt Viv on “Fresh Prince,” filed a lawsuit against AFTRA and the AFTRA Health Fund last year in federal court. In the suit, the actress claimed that for the past decade, she has been dealing with rare medical issues that resulted in her not being able to work anymore.

The issues have resulted in Hubert needing her insurance with the union to pay for her medical treatment, she claimed, adding that the insurance company recently cut off coverage for the procedures she needed. Hubert goes on to claim in the suit that she suffered from everything from “military neck,” a rare condition involving the loss of spinal curvature, “intense spasms”, “strange chattering”, vertigo that left her unable to drive and caused her to sleep sitting up straight among many other medical issues.

For years, Hubert claimed, her treatment was covered by the insurance. However, things changed in 2011, when the company told her they would not be paying for her “Trigger Point Injections” which she claimed started to alleviate her pain. According to Hubert, the insurance company only would pay for four injections a year, claiming that was all that was necessary. Since 2010, Hubert received a total of 42.

With her coverage denied, Hubert claims she was unable to afford the treatment. As a result, the actress couldn’t accept numerous jobs and even had to go on disability.

It’s also noted that insurance company ultimately filed a response to Hubert’s lawsuit earlier this year, claiming they denied her treatments due to them not being medical necessary, which determines whether they will cover medical costs on a policy.

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    Did you apply for the Obamacare, until you can get Medicare, it takes (2) two years before you can apply for medicare Part A. and Part B. its a waiting period.

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