Sisterhood of Hip Hop, the latest in the ever-present slate of reality shows is premiering on Oxygen on Tuesday, August 12th. But you can get the extended preview right here. The group of five aspiring MC’s is going to show you the real trials and tribulations of being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

 Nyemiah Supreme, Bia, Briana Perry,  Siya and Diamond, the only one in the group who has some success in a rap career (she was once in Crime Mob) will try to stand together instead of stabbing each other in the back as is the norm in most reality shows. This show wants to deal with the process of working toward a successful music career instead of the backstabbing drama we’ve become used to with reality shows. (Well, good luck with that.)

Siya, the industry’s first openly gay female MC will also contend with the problems of being an “out” lesbian as she strives for hip-hop glory while Diamond must overcome the perception of her past relationships with folks like Soulja Boy and Li’l Scrappy.

Rap stars, including Rick Ross, Timbaland and Eve will make appearances.

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