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The Ebola virus, one of the worst viruses known to man, is wreaking havoc across West Africa. So far, this frightening disease has killed 887 lives and over 1600 cases have been documented. In addition, the numbers are not slowing down. Two American missionary/medical workers infected with the deadly Ebola virus were transported over 6,000 miles back to the United States to be treated in Atlanta, GA.

Some Atlantans are fine with it, while others have mixed feelings. Some are terrified at the possibility that this deadly disease could end up spreading across America.

The Ebola virus is not, like many other deadly contagions, spread through the air. It is transmitted through direct contact with the blood, secretions, or other body fluids of ill people, and indirect contact (with needles and other things that may be contaminated with these fluids). And there has to be direct contact frequently with body fluids or blood according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

“I wish that I could say that it is a good idea to have them to come to Atlanta for treatment, but they could have given them treatment back over there in Africa,” says Atlanta computer technician Darryl Holland. “It is already proven to be the case as the other volunteer has already received treatment and is on her way to Atlanta.”

A prominent Atlanta doctor says that because Atlanta is home to both the Centers for Disease Control and the virus experts at Emory University Hospital, where the two Americans are being treated, he believes that there is little risk to the American public.

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4 thoughts on “Ebola Virus Worries Atlanta Residents

  1. Jacquelynn4 on said:

    The Ebola virus is something everybody needs to be paying attention to, and it will get worse before it gets better. I agree that it is a manufactured disease. From an article I read:

    “The federal government will begin testing an “experimental Ebola vaccine” on humans in September. We are being told that the reason why we don’t have an Ebola vaccine already is due to the hesitation of the pharmaceutical industry to invest in a disease that has “only affected people in Africa”.

    Researchers from Tulane University have been active for several years in the very same areas where this Ebola outbreak began. One of the stated purposes of this research was to study “the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons”. According to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone, researchers from Tulane University have been asked “to stop Ebola testing during the current Ebola outbreak”. What in the world does that mean?

    The Navy Times says that the U.S. military has been interested in studying Ebola “as a potential biological weapon” since the 1970s… Filoviruses like Ebola have been of interest to the Pentagon since the late 1970s, mainly because Ebola and its fellow viruses have high mortality rates — in the current outbreak, roughly 60 percent to 72 percent of those who have contracted the disease have died — and its stable nature in aerosol make it attractive as a potential biological weapon.

    The CDC actually owns a patent on one particular strain of the Ebola virus… The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. It is being reported that this is not the same strain that is currently being transmitted in Africa, but it is interesting to note nonetheless. And why would the CDC want “ownership” of a strain of the Ebola virus in the first place?”

  2. Linda on said:

    Ebola is a man-made disease designed to kill Africans and people of color all over the world.

    If I resided in Atlanta GA I would be extremely concerned regarding these two people who have been hospitalized and are being treated for the Ebola virus.

    The CDC is not providing all the facts!!!!!!!!!

  3. They have known about this situation over in Liberia for months and offered no help or did anything until WF got infected! Typical of the us, as long as WF are not directly being affected they will do nothing to help.

    • It’s not WF;s problem…Why WF gotta rescue them…Africa is huge they got billions of dollars..China give them millions or billions..So many countries invest in Africa..then Black folk got the nerve to complain?! STOP IT! Stop feeling sorry for them.. Not only do they have money but they are very intelligent people they speak 2-3 languages..they’re not US..Duh..still trying to graduate high school. Lol

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