Black Jesus, remember that uproar over Christmas?

Somehow Santa Clause was dragged into it too.

Well Black Jesus is back, this time without Santa, but causing quite the uproar, even outrage.

Last time Fox News was the culprit behind the Black Jesus controversy.

This time my own parent company is behind it, Adult Swim from the Cartoon Network, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, which is owned by Time Warner.

Black Jesus a sitcom created by Aaron McGruder who also created the edgy animated series, Boondocks.

McGruder is a genius in the art of subversion.

His N-word Boondocks episode ticked off people in just about any group you could name from, conservatives to liberals to Al Sharpton to Anne Coulter because it parodied just about everyone.

His Boondocks episode about a theater and movie producer slash actor named Winston Jerome which allegedly parodied Tyler Perry also ruffled quite a few feathers, especially Tyler Perry’s.

Why the outcry this time?

In the TV series, Jesus is a wine drinking, weed smoking, black man who lives in Compton, California.

Before the series has even aired, some are calling for a boycott and that it be cancelled.

Some Christian groups are calling it “utter foolishness and blasphemous.”

One of those groups is One Million Moms.

They posted a statement which says the show, “makes a mockery of our Lord.”

Another such group is the House of Prayers for All Nations Ministries in Chicago.

Its Pastor David A. Rodgers released a statement which says, “We the Christian community are vehemently opposed and violently offended at this upcoming program soon to air on your channel called BLACK JESUS.”

The American Family Association, a white Christian group is also calling for a boycott of the show saying, “This kind of programming is insulting and unacceptable.”

Obviously the show is meant to be satirical.

Perhaps we need to explain to some people what the term satire means.

According to the dictionary, satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Topical issues like Jesus or Santa’s whiteness or blackness.

It’s essentially a way of educating people through humor.

Have we really become so polarized and so sensitive that we’ve lost our sense of humor?

Ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

I think he’d probably at least watch the first episode before jumping to conclusions, and let he who is without sin or in this case a sense of humor cast the first stone.

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9 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us! Don Lemon Takes On The ‘Black Jesus’ Uproar

  1. D. Smiley on said:

    Back in 1998 a show appeared on UPN called “The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer”. The show was a comedy about a former slave working as a butler in the Lincoln Whitehouse during the Civil War. Many groups including the NAACP were upset and demanded the show be canceled even before one episode was aired. I remember Tom Joyner saying on the radio, “White people just don’t get it”. His point was the show was offensive and black people did not find it funny. What Tom said was true then and true now. If you are not a part of a group sometimes you just won’t get it. What you may think is funny and humorous is insulting and offensive to that other group. You can’t have it both ways. If you want someone to respect your feelings and acknowledge when things are offensive to you. I think it only fair that you do the same to others. If its ok for Aaron McGruder to put out a show like this then no one should complain the next time white producers put out a comedy that is offensive to blacks. And as one person said earlier, will Aaron McGruder be putting out a comedy any time soon that makes light of the Prophet Mohammed and Muslim people?

  2. lawgrace on said:

    Some protests are disingenuous. Although God’s standards are unwavering, HE is not threatened by television satire that depicts what too many church folk are actually doing. Also some protests evolve around people’s regard for esteem and social seal of approval that their religion bestows on them before peers, business circles, and social arenas. It’s not about God –at all. Moreover, contrary to human self-aggrandizement, the Divine Lord was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief –rather than pulpit entrepreneurs who use religion for advancing their agendas. Further, unlike religious people who are comfortable with corruption ESPECIALLY when it fattens their wallets. Jesus Christ got angry about injustice and cheating fellowmen (especially in those inside the “Household of Faith”(Gal.6:10.)

    Additionally, the Black Jesus show is no worse than church members’ lack of love and care for one another –as well as concern about prison systems. Additionally, the pastor’s wife seems worse. And particularly for reasons like those below, scores of pastors’ wives who are called ‘first lady’ would do well to consider:
    •When you show up, dressed in what you think looks good, and as far as you’re concerned, people with problems could go see Jerry Springer, or enquire to “Madea,” you are not a first lady!
    •When you cannot say when you evangelized or bothered complying with Matthew 28:19-20, you are a last lady!
    •If you don’t isolate time daily to pray for your church members to have blessed lives, so that they can be God’s Kingdom builders and healthy support system to your husband, you’re a last lady!
    •If you get dressed for church with thoughts in mind of being seen, instead of simply enjoy looking nice, you’re not a first lady!
    •If you use your children for spying on your husband; giving reports of what they think they heard or saw; if you carry tales to drive who or what threatens you, you’re a last lady!
    • If you remain in the front of the church, or edifice gawking at audiences to see who’s who; if you don’t greet and interact with people as if they matter as much as you do, you are a last lady!

    –excerpt from

  3. The American Family Association says that “this kind of programming is insulting and unacceptable”. New flash AFA. If you managed to somehow get rid of all insulting and unacceptable programming, 90% of television programming would be gone in a flash. We created this monster call “anything goes” in entertainment. Too late to let it scare us now.

  4. I said it. on said:

    I don’t know what nostril Tom picked Don out of…

    No one would create a satirical cartoon about Muhammad without repercussions. For me it’s not that Jesus is black, it’s the tomfoolery that goes with the if Jesus was black scenario. The thought that he would be getting high, etc. It’s the same bull people used to say about if we had a black president. Not only is it disrespectful to Christians, but to blacks, as well. It insinuates that everything we are apart of will be corrupted in some way.

    • Jerald Dailey on said:

      Most of all, it is disrespectful to Jesus!! To think that he would find humor in the very things that he teaches against is low-down and shameful. There is no fear of God in this world anymore………………….

  5. Prophetic Imagination on said:

    Tavis Smiley is somewhere kicked-back smoking a cigar laughing at how Don Lemon is making an ass of the Tom Joyner morning show by his proliferation of coonery in the name of humor. Wake up people. See this dude for who he really is.

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