L.A. Clipper and former Tarheel guard Reggie Bullock is in mourning today, as his sibling is the transgender woman found murdered in a West Baltimore alley this week. According to Reuters, 26-year-old Mia Henderson, born Kevin Long, was found Wednesday morning. The cause of death was “severe trauma,” according to Baltimore police.

Henderson is the second transgender woman killed in Baltimore this year. 40-year-old Kandy Hall was stabbed to death earlier this summer. Police are investigating a link between the two murders. Police say Henderson may have been involved in prostitution, but have yet to classify the murder as a hate crime.

Bullock, 23, was a first-round draft pick for the Clippers who played in 43 games for the team in the 2013-2014 season, averaging 2.7 points. He tweeted the sad news to his fans.












(Photo: Reggie Bullock Instagram)

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3 thoughts on “Murdered Transgender Woman Was NBA Player’s Sibling

  1. Ernest Param on said:

    God, have the last words and Reggie, need to know his life is in God’s hands. We are not here to judge but encourage our brother in passing of his brother.

  2. Ernest Param on said:

    Reggie Bullock, thanks for begin open to the public and I send out prays to your family. Reggie, God knows best and I look forward for your break year.

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