It looks like Yaya DaCosta’s modeling skills came in handy for her role in the Whitney Houston biopic.

The crew just started filming, but DaCosta already re-created the legendary diva’s Whitney album cover.

Take a look….


What do you think? Is she channeling her inner Whitney?

Photo from EW

13 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Yaya DaCosta As Whitney Houston [PHOTO]

  1. Rudolph on said:

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  2. msyellarose on said:

    I think she can pull it off…much better than Bobbi Kris. Angela Bassett is a seasoned professional, so let her do her thing.

  3. Why, are black folks, so hung up on skin color? and, then, we have the nerve to get mad, when white folks don’t except us, heck, we don’t even except our own race.

    • seriously on said:

      The black folks who are still stuck on color is the ignorant, low-brow trash of our race…We have trash too…They fight all the good things and continue fight progression because it make their own low achievements and self-hating issues look pathetic. African-Americans comes in all shade…which is the another beauty of our race, those who cannot accept that it is because they are ugly inside and out no matter what their shade is.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        Yes color/ shade of black is a issue but all I was saying to clarify it… When you cast for a role in a movie. They need to select someone who looks close to the person their going to portray, you wouldn’t pick a latina to play the role of a African American or a white person. It has been done but make up is used. Why is that? The reason is because you want the person to look the part. I think all shades of black is gorgeous but if your going to be the role of someone don’t be to far off because it doesn’t feel like your watching the bio of that person. That’s like gettin a light skin heavy set dude to play biggie??? We would be confused an have something to say had they done that. lol mine as well just get a skinny dude lol

      • I said it. on said:

        To clarify, I was agreeing with Cristren. Denzel doesn’t look like Malcolm, but he killed it.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        Yes Denzel did a awesome job but he also looked very close alike malcom x. His skin complexion was fairly close so it was very believeable. They even gave him glasses. I was just commenting because ppl were saying why is skin color a issue ect. It is when portraying the role of someone because you want it to be believeable.

  4. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    I think that she is pulling the Whitney look off well an u say good for you girl! Doesn’t matter if she can sing because I think no actor or actress should sing the song of the role their playing. I don’t believe anyone has so it doesn’t matter.

  5. Guest on said:

    Why do people keep asking that dumb question “Can she sing??” EVERYONE knows Angela Bassett didn’t sing when she turned out that BRILLIANT performance as Tina Turner!!! I still don’t plan to watch because Nippy deserves more than a tacky Lifetime movie by some horrible actress model. Whitney would be MAD she isn’t getting MJ and Tina Turner treatment!!! Clive, Cissy and Kris I hope yall working on a theater movie with Face and Ricky Minor heading the soundtrack!!! It has Oscar written all over it!

  6. Gloria on said:

    I’m not sure she can pull it off. I think Paula Patton would make a great Whitney and maybe YaYa could have down her early years. But if Ms Bassett chose her, she must see the potential. I wonder if they will just have her lip sync to the songs because even if she does sing, only one Whitney.

    • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

      Paula Patton? I don’t think she would of pulled the role of that good. Plus she too light skin to play Whitney. I think ya ya represents Whitney who is a brown skin women just like Whitney and no I’m not trying to make this a color issue. Just stating facts

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