ATLANTA (AP) — The husband of a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to federal fraud charges.

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday that 35-year-old Apollo Nida was also ordered to pay restitution to victims of a $2.3 million scheme during his sentencing hearing in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. Nida is the husband of Phaedra Parks, one of the reality show’s stars. He pleaded guilty May 6 to conspiring to commit mail, wire and bank fraud.

Prosecutors say Nida and co-conspirators since 2009 had stolen checks and used victims’ stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns and fraudulent claims against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Authorities say the group laundered money by opening bank accounts in its victims’ names.

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18 thoughts on “Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years for ID Theft, Bank Fraud

  1. It’s the mystery of iniquity Lauryn Hill sang it best…so true. We don’t realize the wrong we do sometimes till it’s too late! I won’t judge you brother..but you gotta pay.

  2. Everybody can’t handle success…more ain’t enough for some people. I understand completely! Last week I tried to fulfill the lust of my flesh with food…& guess what my taste buds & waistline said it’s ok..we got you. Lol I though I’d give up sooner or later but no the next it was on! Lately I’ve been buying Large size that’s the temptation..that is the hook! Gotta watch out for successful people they’ll do anything for money…yeah they lie to their Momma’s!

  3. Sabrena on said:

    Phaedra is not responsible for Apollo’s actions, he did the wrong not her. Fault him not her… His butt is the criminal and should pay the penalty… Please don’t blame her, she is just a woman who fell in love with the wrong man, in which was full of lies from the start. I’m sure she is hurting behind all this, their kids are hurting, a lot of people are being impacted from this… If I was her, I wouldn’t wait on him, I would move on with my life. Forgive him though, but will move on with my life…

  4. carmen on said:

    Wearing tight fitting clothes and always showing her cleavage, wearing too much make up, getting her hair done as often as Oprah doesn’t make her smart (Phakedra). She created that monster Apollo by falling for his regular looks and jumping in bed with him immediately and having a kid before marrige was not smart at all for someone who professess to be so brilliant. I’ve seen better looking men than Apollo starting with good looking men in my family,

  5. carmen on said:

    She’s a dummy all dressed up with a lot of make up and no place to go FAKE. She is definately a struggling entertainment lawyer, her clients are her friends Kandi and Tiny from the former girl group Xscape, she misrepresented Bobby Brown, Sheree and others. I idea of creating all of those other businesses was to employ her felon husband Apollo, she knew he couldn’t get hire anywhere as a felon, she was trying to save his behind from doing what he was doing in his usual criminal fashion so she proceeded to create the funeral home partnership, donkey booty video which failed and what ever else she was trying to pull off but failed at doing so. She knew he was a felon when she met him, slept with him and got pregnant with their first child, married him at 8 months lied to her fellow cast members about her pregnancy (obviously embarrassed), and have the nerve to throw shade at Kenya and other cast members who wouldn’t roll with her lying deceitful self. Moose lips like Nene.

  6. So if your husband comment a crime. It is some how your faught? If every women could chose the right man the divorce rate would not be so high. People and their opinions. Every man and women you chose have not been perfect. You can not help who you fall in love with. Women are hurt and killed every day for choosing the wrong person to love, and it is not their faught.

  7. Kimmee on said:

    On the reunion show, wasn’t Phaedra trying to shade Kenya for going to the sperm bank to choose a donor for her unborn child, saying something like she could be choosing the sperm of a “criminal?” Well, well, well. Pot, meet kettle. Silly rabbit. I guess Apollo can now make it rain on his fellow felons with those “7 to 8 thousand dollars a week.” Oh, wait . . .

  8. Renee' on said:

    So he’s a RAT! Smh
    His wife was in on all the criminal activity as well. She knew what he was going. She’s the ring leader in the entire illegal fraud. Phaedra is just as guilty as Apollo.

  9. hottlanta on said:

    Next time Fakedrea don’t get your husband from the “Build a Felon Workshop” and yet you was on television crowing like a rooster to the world and Kenya as if you had a real man at home. You may have had a hussssbaaand because of the piece of paper but you was one man short.

  10. carmen on said:

    He’s stupid and so is his wife Phaedra. I’m sure her mother the Pastor of a Church is very proud of her daughter/SO NOT SHE SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED AND HUMILIATED by her DAUGHTER’S STUPID CHOICE IN A MAN, HUSBAND FATHER OF HER GRAND SONS..

  11. carmen on said:

    Once again hiding under his stupid wife’s coat tail. Give him time he’ll violate his probation again, he’s a natural born criminal. Shame Shame Shame on Phaedra for choosing such a looser for a man, a husband and a father of her two sons, Shame Shame Shame on that desperate and foolish woman.

    • Renee' on said:

      “Hiding behind his wife coat tail” Phaedra is the ring leader of the entire illegal operation. She’s just as guilty as Apollo. She should have used her intelligence differently many many years ago before she started the operation. She should have stuck to being a struggling lawyer instead of wanting fast money/dirty money.

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