Jacque Reid talks to Tony Porter, the co-founder of ‘A Call To Men, about domestic violence and black women’s extremely increasing rate of dying by their partner’s hand.

“There are a large amount of men who don’t abuse women, but the problem is, we’re silent to the violence. We want good men to stand up and discover a voice,” Porter said.

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One thought on “JACQUE REID: Domestic Violence & Black Women – Will The Men Please Stand Up?

  1. TailDAWG8 on said:

    OF COURSE men shouldn’t hit or otherwise abuse women. PERIOD. That’s a no-brainer! However, the issue is more complex & not that simple. “Some” women need to learn better behavior towards men, as well. Personally, I’ve NEVER hit a woman in my life. Though, I’ve seen/known a few with extreme “anger management” issues. Women have responsibilities to meet, too. Whoopi was correct when she said a woman has no right to ever hit a man. I’ve never had a woman hit me either, but if one did, it would be her last time hitting ME. I believe the women in my life could sense that. I’ve seen women in stores totally berate their men (often verbally & sometimes physically). To their credit, the men didn’t respond in kind, but that type of abuse takes a toll (adds up) over time. Some women know how to “push a man’s buttons” to try & make him “snap”. I’ve heard a few almost brag about it. Ultimately, NO ONE has a right to “lay hands” on another person (male or female). A woman has no right to grab an iron, brick, pole, knife, etc. to attack a man out of anger. I’m not talking about defending herself, I mean where she’s the aggressor. Yes, we must address the issue of violence, but in a fully comprehensive manner. Some women could benefit from behavior modification, as well. EVERYONE keep your hands to yourself (especially men) !!!

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