Phaedra Parks will no longer get to avoid a legal matter over accusations that she ran a criminal enterprise.

According to Radar Online, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been slapped with a court order stipulating that she sit for a deposition in her ongoing defamation lawsuit within 45 days, or face the wrath of a judge.

Parks sued former friend Angela Stanton in 2012 over claims Stanton made in her e-book, Lies of a Real Housewife. Stanton alleged Parks oversaw a “criminal enterprise” that included auto title fraud and more.

Two years later, Stanton’s attorneys are still trying to get Parks to sit for a deposition and divulge just what she knows. According to court records, they “began asking for available dates to take Parks’ deposition” back on November 15, 2013. From that date forward, they tried to “work with Parks, by and through her counsel, on numerous occasions to schedule her deposition, but [have] met with nothing but excuses, refusals and empty promises…”

All told, the attorneys claimed Parks has shown a “refusal to participate in good faith in the discovery process.”

Now, Radar has learned, a judge agreed that Parks’ deposition is a “necessary step” in the case, issuing an order on June 19 for Parks to set a date for a deposition by July 4, and to sit for the deposition by August 3.

Stanton claimed in her book that “there was criminal activity involved in our relationship” as she and Parks became business associates in a scheme involving “fraudulent bank accounts, insurance checks, fake IDs, chop shops, stolen cars, fraudulent titles and fraudulent registration cards.”

Parks has never been charged, questioned, or named in connection with such schemes by the authorities, and insists all of Stanton’s claims are the libelous rantings of a bitter woman.

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19 thoughts on “‘RHOA’s’ Phaedra Parks Ordered to Sit for Deposition

  1. seriously on said:

    Wow, Envy much ladies…Since the majority of these posts are from other women of course. Phaedra is too smart to connect herself in such madness irregardless if she knew or not…It seems you people are hating because she is rich and then someone asked why does she have to be a lawyer and mortician..Intelligent people know to diversify your income to bring in income..I mean if you are postal worker if the zip codes run out you have no job and no other skills. Intelligent and prosper people know how to do more than one thing well. No one has to sit before a disposition, you make them order you to do so in which you can decide what question will or will not be asked…If you people knew something you would know that…Stanton is like all side pieces, will do anything to get the pieces of someone’s else life..crumb snatchers.

    The real tragedy is women tearing each other down and being jealouse and envious of their success. No better than white folks claiming all black people are this and that…Pathetic indeed

    • TheTruth on said:

      Soooo not jelous of Phaedra or her situation. I would never want all of my personal business out there for the world to see. If she was that successful as a lawyer/ mortician I don’t think she would even be on t.v. All money is not good money!

      • seriously on said:

        Of course you are jealous…Most people established their wealth by more than one means…That is called intelligence.

        Noisy and messy people sells…Gotta you knee deep in her business whether it is true or not..

    • mattmayhem on said:

      ” No one has to sit before a disposition, you make them order you to do so in which you can decide what question will or will not be asked…If you people knew something you would know that…”

      Actually you do have to participate in a deposition because it is a part of the discovery process before a lawsuit comes to trial. You absolutely do not get to decide what questions you will be asked. Also the disposition of a case and a deposition are two entirely different things.

      • seriously on said:

        If you believe that….you must be from the ghetto and has had a ghetto lawyer. Clearly no one has to answer a question that could indict their own self. And yes an attorney (a good one) can definitely inquire as to the line of questioning…Most depositions (other than ill-informed ghetto folks) are in fact rehearsed and your lawyer will tell you how to answer such questions. Phaedra has to comply this time because it was order by the court, the other times she did not because it was a request in which she declined. Which is also her right. And since she was order, her attorney has every legal right to demand an contest the order and ask for just case….thus giving you the line of questioning that they want her to answer.

    • mattmayhem on said:

      @seriously: Your ignorance really is astounding. Not only do you clearly demonstrate that you have no understanding of the legal system as you claim, but you insist on trying to call me ghetto in the process. It’s laughable that you want to call me ghetto when you’re the one incapable of constructing a coherent and grammatically correct sentence. You madam, are the definition of ghetto.

      I won’t argue with a ghetto fool, but I will leave you with a quote explaining why I choose not to do so.

      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”____George Carlin

  2. Alexa on said:

    She refused to sit for a deposition? If she was innocent she’s gladly sit for it…Oh yeah she’s guilty guilty guilty!

    Looks like she’ll be going up the river with her

  3. hottlanta on said:

    Don’t mess with Kenya. Fakedra also made fun of Sherri when she said that her home is going to actually be built all the way and not halfway. That is what she get for bragging on a no good man on national television.

  4. Silver Fox on said:

    I Knew she was a fake & so is Ne Ne it’s all about the Benjamins wow, that’s probably how she got Apollo off what u do n the Dark Girls will come out n the Light allways does Girls, Because REAL LADIES WOMEN don’t act Like u All do Fake Fake Fake silly Girls

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  7. That woman or any other or man for that matter tells that many lies on a person just to be lying, some of this stuff if not all of it are true. I like Phaedra as we’ll as the others, but she is always act and talking slick.

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