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Looking for a way to brighten your eyes and increase attraction?  Check out these cosmetic tricks for widening and waking up the eyes!

Violet mascara/eye liner

If you are a woman that wears makeup and chooses to line her eyes with black eyeliner, swap out that coal-colored pencil for violet. The color violet has a brightening effect when paired against the whites of the eyes.  This hue of purple makes the eyes look more alive and awake, creating an attractive look for any wearer.  There are several brands that sell violet colored eyeliner including M.A.C. Cosmetics and Dior. If eyeliner isn’t your style, a few strokes of violet mascara will do the trick. When using liner, only line the bottom waterline of the eye (that is the inner rim of the bottom lash line).

Bring out the lashes!

Eye lashes can enhance the look of the eyes and make you appear more awake when they are curled up and away from the center of the eye.  Using an eyelash curler to create this look will do the trick.  Add a layer of mascara making sure to twirl the wand during application to finish off the look. Adding a few eyelash extensions in a natural density will also help to widen the eyes.

White eye liner

Light naturally bounces off of the color white, so to brighten the whites of the eyes and bring more life to them, white eye liner can be used to line the waterline of the lower lash line or the very corners of the eyes.

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