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Ask Wendy Williams about Jay Z and the daytime talk show host has two words for the rapper regarding his relationship with wife Beyoncé: straighten up.

“You better straighten up, Jay-Z,” Williams warned. “If you let Beyoncé slip through your hands, everybody will hate you.”

Williams’ comments are in response to a poll she took that asked if Jay Z’s career would still be as hot if he broke up with Beyoncé. The audience, which also took the poll, responded overwhelmingly with ‘no.’

Rumors of a split between Jay Z and Beyoncé have surfaced in recent days. According to reports, Jay Z has been getting friendly with “Long Island Princess” star Casey Cohen, while Beyoncé’s relationship with her bodyguard has ticked off the rhymesayer.

“I was reading that Jay-Z is reportedly very jealous of Julius and wants him fired. Julius should have been fired the day that he let that all go down in the elevator,” Williams stated. “My thing is, how are you going to get a bodyguard that looks better than your husband?”

Williams acknowledged that although the couple has worked hard to control their image, the public still craves information.

“I’m sorry that this has happened, but people do want to know what’s going on with Jay-Z and Beyoncé,” Wendy said. “They have been so controlling of their image as a couple, and now we’re getting to find out a little bit more.”

Despite holding on to the idea that neither Jay Z or Beyoncé has been messing around with other people, Williams couldn’t deny that the pair have chemistry.

“I think this is probably a messy marriage between the two of them…I’m sure that they really love each other,” Wendy said, adding that she thinks Jay might be guarding his relationship very closely despite rumors of infidelity. “There’s no denying their thing.

But I’ll tell you want: I don’t believe that he would ever do anything that would make her want to divorce him anymore.”

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9 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Advises Jay Z to ‘Straighten Up’ for Beyoncé (Watch)

  1. straightnochaser on said:

    You really have to question the people who take what she says seriously and watches her show religiously. Can their lives be anymore non-existent? Wendy is making a killing off of rumors, lies, and half truths about people her ‘viewers’, and herself, know absolutely NOTHING about. As long as they keep feeding this animal she will NEVER go away. HOWEVER, I did like J. Anthony Brown’s version of Aloe Blac’s ‘The Man,’ which was about Wendy.

  2. pac4me on said:

    How can Wendy make a statement like that without some hard concrete evidence that he’s messing up. Unless you saw something yourself or Bey has admitted wrongdoing or JZ said yea, I have F’d up – media people should shut up and leave them alone – it’s no wonder that they have been so private about their personal lives – too much shit!!

  3. C.A.A on said:

    BINGO!!! These TV show talk host make me laugh. I always say all it’s take is a camera some make-up, wigs, high heels, tight dresses and they off to the running like horses. I always quote this from Richard Pryor:
    They got the cameras and all. America laughs at us every single day because they know we will always be who we are. (So sad.)

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