The big wedding day is almost here and Eve says it’s so close she can almost taste it!

The rapstress is set to say “I do” to fiance Maximillion Cooper by the end of the month, and she spilled all the details about the upcoming nuptials during a recent interview with E! News. “I feel like it’s right now,” she said, revealing her excitement. “I feel like I’m walking down the aisle right now.”

The 35-year-old beauty revealed that she’ll be wearing a custom gown by designer Alice Temperly. “I did the final fitting already,” she shared. “I was scared. But it’s so beautiful. It’s so different than anything I thought I would have ever wanted, but it’s perfect.” As far as the ceremony and reception, she added it won’t be small, “but it’s not huge” either.

Along with gaining a husband, Eve said she’ll become stepmom to Cooper’s four children as a wedding present. “I have four kids now—that’s nuts!” she gushed. “But I have to say they are the coolest, sweetest kids. I got really lucky. They’re really independent and just very cool. It’s really fun hanging with them.” When asked about a little bundle of joy of her own, the “Let Me Blow Your Mind” singer said, “It’s whatever God wants to give me, but I think with the four, two more is just enough.”

As we reported earlier, Eve’s British entrepreneur boo thang popped the question on Christmas Day last year. Check out pics from her bridal shower, below.

12 thoughts on “Eve Spills Details About Her Upcoming Wedding To Maximillion Cooper

  1. Wow so much hate I say go Eve you had many black brothas but didnt treat you right. Keep happy its not about colour but whats on the inside that counts you is lucky!! anyone who finds a nice man regardless of color is bless sed !!!

    • Ann since Eve is preparing to get married I think we can assume he’s SPECIAL TO HER (and that’s all that matters). Everyone on the planet isn’t beautiful, or handsome.

      • Ann should concentrate on HER own life!! And getting a black man not poking her nose around other happiness Hater! That is what alot of yanks are known as around the world thank God many great people commenting and showing the world not all americans are closed minded. Travel round the world most think americans are ignorant its hard to change their perceptions

    • I said it. on said:

      Poor miserable Linda. She doesn’t know that God created all of us. Without that knowledge, she believes Eve has to turn down all of the love and financial security that is is being bestowed upon her. I wonder what… oh never mind. I’m sure Eve doesn’t care either.

    • Linda yes there does appear to be “a shortage of brothas”…..WILLING TO DATE, AND MARRY Black women. Love is love. Go for it Eve. But there are SO MANY SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMEN THAT CAN’T FIND A MATE… your shortage analogy is appears to be valid

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