Dear Tom,

My name is Nedra Lawrence and I am writing you on behalf of a very close, dear friend of mine for many years, Ventura (Butch) Leak.  Ventura, at sixty-seven, is one of the last, living, original members of the world renowned vocal group “the drifters.”  as second tenor and baritone,he helped record such hits as, “down on the beach”, “tonight”, “kissing in the back row of the movies”, “love games” and “there goes my first love”, which topped the British and European charts in the early seventies.

Ventura, a veteran of the Vietnam War, has been in the VA hospital in New York for the past three weeks with Cellulitis a potentially life-threatening disease affecting his legs.   Although, he has just been released from their care, he still suffers greatly and may have to return to the hospital soon.  He has no family to see after him and he has been feeling very low and down.

Tom, Ventura has traveled the globe as an entertainer, writer, photographer and lover of life.  He is one of the most giving people I have ever met, but he is now the one in need.   Ventura has not been able to work or perform as a featured member of the current “Drifters Legends,” because of the condition of his legs.   It is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to see that this music legend receives the financial help he needs seeing him through this dark period.

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2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS WISH: Venutra “Butch” Leak

  1. Tom I think that is a wonderful thing you did for him. You know everyone is not as fortune as other even if he was famous back in the days. People don’t have a heart or compasion for know one anymore. (some do). But God Bless you. God bless Ventura.

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