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Chicago rapper Chief Keef is house hunting again and it’s not because he just wanted a new house. The young adult rapper was recently evicted from his luxury suburban Chicago apartment.

Chief Keef was removed from his apartment by police officials. The Lake County Deputies showed up to the apartment to expedite Keef’s exit. The whole reason Keef was being thrown out of the apartment is that he failed to pay rent for four months. The back rent totals to about $11,300.


Getting kicked out of his apartment meant absolutely nothing to Chief Keef because shortly after receiving his walking papers, he posted a video on Instagram where he was walking through a home that was up for sale. He also bragged that he was “looking for houses.”

Chief Keef is no stranger to dealing with the police. He has been in and out of jail since he came to fame. His last stint in jail came because of a DUI he received a mere two weeks after getting out of rehab for his weed addiction.

Someone pray for this boy to start making better choices.

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