The New York Times and several other publications are reporting that Derek Fisher will be the next head coach of the New York Knicks.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report is reporting that Fisher, who played for Knicks head of operations Phil Jackson when he coached the Los Angeles Lakers, has accepted the position – but a deal is not yet finalized.

After their first choice former Chicago Bulls player  Steve Kerr agreed to accept the coaching job of the Golden State Warriors following a long courtship period, the Knicks were rumored to be looking at quite a few former players who learned under Jackson’s coaching.

According to CBS Sports, the Knicks were waiting for Fisher’s season with the Oklahoma City Thunder to end before they seriously started pursuing him for the position.

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4 thoughts on “REPORT: Derek Fisher to Accept Knicks Coaching Job

  1. lisac on said:

    I was wishing for Mark Jackson but I know Phil wanted someone he personally knew. I think Derek Fisher will do a good job. I have been a Knicks fan over 30 yrs so I’m game for anything that will bring wins.

  2. Big J. on said:

    There are numerous coaches standing in “waiting to coach line.” Fish should have been at the end of the line. He has no coaching experience what so ever. I think Phil will realize that ex Knick Patrick Ewing should have been at the head of the line.

    • ‘Coaches staning in waiting to coach line?” “at the end of the line?” “no coaching experience?” There may be a lot of coaches waiting but most of them have been fired from other teams. Mainly because they were losing. Just being aplayer for 18 years gives you plenty of experience. Heck John Calipari has never played basketball in his life and everyone was trying to lure him away from UK. Fisher is a good choice. he has leadership ability on and off the court aand is humble to the game. I say give him the shot.

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