Rapper Rick Ross has joined the Rappers With Crazy Face Tattoos Club. After adopting the phrase “Rich Forever” as a manifesto for his life and career, the “Mastermind” creator made it official by getting it tattooed under his bottom lip. Yes, you read correctly. Rick Ross has a tattoo that says “Rich Forever” under his bottom lip and is framed by his beard.

Ross posted a picture of his fresh ink on Instagram and his fans were immediate in announcing their displeasure. Most commenters said the tattoo was dumb and he would wind up regretting it later. However, he did get a little support from a fan who said they would get a face tattoo if a company paid him to. We don’t think anybody paid Ricky Rozay to get that tattoo. We’re not even going to start about how ridiculous that tattoo is because we’ve all seen worse. We’re looking at you, Gucci Mane.

Check the picture of the tattoo below. Would you  get this tattoo?

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