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DC General has made its share of headlines this year, none of them good. The notorious former hospital that is now a sprawling homeless shelter was the place where Khalil Tatum reportedly kidnapped Relisha Rudd, an 8-year-old shelter resident, and then murdered his wife. Tatum was found dead in a D.C. park, Rudd has yet to be found.

This week, though, the shelter did receive some good news. Eighteen-year-old Rashema Melson, a shelter resident with her mother and two sibling for the last two years, will head to Georgetown this fall on a full, four-year scholarship. The track athlete maintained a 4.0 average despite her bleak surroundings.

A senior at Anacostia High School, Melson told Fox 5 DC that she was motivated in spite of her situation which has included multiple moves for the past six years.

“It’s not hard for me because I want it. When you’re doing it because you have to it’s a struggle. But I want to be successful… that’s my goal in life.”

Melson heads to Georgetown to study biology as a pre-med student, and wants to eventually become a forensic pathologist. That career goal was inspired by her father’s murder when she was younger.

(Photo: Fox 5 DC)

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9 thoughts on “Homeless H.S. Student Earns Free Ride To Georgetown

  1. J_Silwyn_Turner on said:

    Rashema Melson earned a full academic scholarship to Georgetown University despite the fact that she lives in a country where through no fault of her own she has no place to call home. She lives in a country where its not enough that she had to overcome the hardships of living without a home to do it but now she has to contend with distractions which she doesn’t need because of it. Because some bureaucrat thought they could benefit from the attention she now has the added unneeded pressures of dealing with all sorts of individuals that will make something of her situation for selfish reasons. Her biggest challenges will come away from the books and I hope and pray that somehow she will reach her goals.

    This people of this country should be ashamed that a country supposedly as wealthy as this regards its youth so little. Rashema’s story should be a reason for any young person in America to have the opportunity to attend college. Instead for hundreds of years the wealthy have horded the wealth and families and children go lacking in the street!

  2. I said it. on said:

    Not only is she a star athlete, but an amazing student who has earned a free ride. It was not given to her as some may think. She will make it and go far because she has determination and drive. May God continue to strengthen her and swat her haters away.

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