Oh boy…this could be huge or it could be nothing at all…at this point we really don’t know. But the internet is a flame with rumors regarding pics that were posted to Twitter which showed a battered Joseline Hernandez. According to Vlad TV, Hernandez claimed her account was hacked…which does happen. But, where did the pics come from and what was the point of taking them? Ugly tales of abuse on the part of Stevie J have been told in the past by some of his previous girlfriends so this is being taken very seriously as a result.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star is seen in a series of photos with scratches on her face and neck, as well as deep cuts on her head and chin.

The captions say things like,

“Stebbie beat me but nobody understands me.”


“Y does he bruise me up Stebbie stop.”

Check it out below!


Image:  Image #2

Image:  Image #3

There are also posts of phone conversations allegedly had via text between Joseline and other L&HHA stars. Take a look.

Image:  Image #4

Image: Joseline Hernandez

Image: Joseline Hernandez

We don’t know what’s going on here but we’ve seen things get physical between Joseline and Stevie J on camera before and it was cringe worthy at best even then. If this is legit and she is really being abused then it’s time to ask some hard questions of reality TV producers. At what point is enough…enough?

(Photo: PR and Instagram/Twitter)



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