Gospel artist and pastor Smokie Norful is heading down to Orlando  for The Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion August 28 – September 1 for the third time. He’ll be part of the Motown Gospel Revue hosted by James Fortune. He’s happy to find out that he’s moved ahead of Kirk Franklin, who’s been to the Reunion twice. “I’m trying to beat my big brother at something,” he laughs.

Norful, who is also a pastor, heard about the Solange/Jay-Z fight like everyone else did. He says that if he had to minister to the family, his message would be simple.

“God is love,” he told the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

“It’s the same sermon that should be preached for every situation. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Forgiveness and most importantly, communication. Lord Jesus, talk to each other, because it’s family and that was really heartbreaking to see.

Who hasn’t had family moments like that? Let’s preach on betrayal because somebody sold that to TMZ to even put that out in the first place. That in itself was just really egregious. Because it’s a family quarrel. Let them find other ways to communicate, too.”

Norful says it’s a challenge for even saved people to try and control their anger. He says the best thing to do is to avoid those kind of situations in the first place.

“You can’t wait until you want to hit them to get ready,” he says. “That’s why you got to go to church now, so that when you get in that situation you got enough God to hold onto you. You don’t wait until you get hungry to eat. You eat on time.”

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5 thoughts on “Smokie Norful Has a Word For the Knowles-Carter Family

  1. kay M on said:

    Ditto Camella Jenkins! Erica and Tina are a disgrace for Christian young ladies. Whether you like their music or not is beside the point. If this was Chris Brown behaving this way on camera it would be plenty of criticism from African Americans and the mainstream media. Confessing your salvation to the public makes the world watch you even more. It is not enough that God knows you’re a Christian but others must know it too. There are fans that look up to the Mary Mary to see how they handle and react to life situations. And it really should be a difference of how it goes down versus the secular world.

    I do understand that there’s an invasion of privacy these days but the Carter – Knowles drama doesn’t get a pass just because it’s them.

    Let’s be fair. There have been plenty of private situations about entertainers that have been leaked or given to the press and we jump on it immediately, including websites like this. This is no exclusion. It’s

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Speaking of anger, please counsel those Campbell sisters Erica and Tina aka Mary Mary. Those are some mean and angry chicks. Erica has tried to tone her anger issues down a bit since the show first aired but it still shows at times. Tina’s temper is like a volcano ready to erupt. I saw that in both of them/Mean Girls when they were Judges on Sunday’s Best. I always knew they had anger issues with DIVA attitudes. They never displayed Christianity including the way they dress/too secular.

    • It’s ok to be angry it’s not ok to stay angry at someone. I believe there’s a such thing as righteous anger. Some things in life push our buttons till they break! We need a little more Jesus & new buttons..Lol & have a good day.

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