Investigators are trying to understand what motivated police to shoot a 93 year old woman to death.

The NY Daily News reports:

A 93-year-old woman wielding a revolver was shot to death by police in the rural Texas town of Hearne, authorities said.

Neighbors said Pearlie Golden was a sweet woman known to most people of this predominantly black community as “Miss Sully.”

The nonagenarian was shot five times, several witnesses told KBTX-TV.

The fatal confrontation began when Golden’s nephew called cops after he took the elderly woman’s car keys because she no longer has a driver’s license.

She grabbed a gun and threatened her nephew, KBTX-TV reported. When cops arrived around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Golden was outside the home waving the gun around.

A one-paragraph press release issued by the department Wednesday said officers responded to a 911 call involving “a female with a gun.”

What do you think happened? Did the police have to shoot her to death? Was there another way to apprehend her?

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(Photo Source: AP)

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13 thoughts on “Texas Cops Shoot 93-Year-Old Woman To Death

  1. If you are nine years old and shoots someone and they die, they are no less dead than if a three year old kills you. Pearlie was 93 years old. I would venture a guess that the officer who responded to her nephew’s call would appreciate the opportunity to live a long happy life also. If the gun wielding citizen had been a 20 year old gangbanger, there would be no discussion. But because the offender was a 93 year old woman, the police are automatically at fault. If you wave a weapon at a police officer, they will kill you. So would I. As much as I love me some seniors, I don’t think their lives are any more valuable than mine. Living to be old enough to know better does not give you the right to do it anyway and get a pass.

  2. Honestly on said:

    That cave n!@@er with a badge is a murderer. You don’t have to have a gun if you are black to killed by the cops, they will lie and say they felt threatened. There has been numerous murders of unarmed black people by cops past and present. These filthy demonic neanderthal apes are a curse upon humanity. I hope the day comes when these violent mayonnaise monkeys are exterminated because they are rigid racist. These savages should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. Linda on said:

    Texas is the ugliest state in the Nation.

    So this incident should not surprise anyone.

    However, this POS cop could have resolved this matter differently since it was an elderly woman who could have been suffering from dementia or some other mental illness.

    Cops are always shooting Black folks down like DOGS!!!!

    This cop should be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER, but will probably receive no punishment at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. James R. on said:

    The statement above is the truth in the use of deadly force by a police officer, regardless of your age. Guns are not the best choice when you call 911. Please don’t wave guns around in the presence of police officers, listen to there commands and obey them at that point.

  5. Traboe on said:

    Yes give her the car keys back so she can go and mow down some pedestrians before he has time to go out there and let the air out of tires or take the battery off…”sweet old women” don’t threaten people with revolvers

  6. Jack in Texas on said:

    So Sad, the nephew seem like a punk. He could have possibly defused the situation by simply giving her back her car keys, I have taken care of several older relatives, its a pride thing with them. They didn’t live that long by someone else telling them what to do. It was her keys, thus her property. Who is he to intervene. He obviously didn’t know how to defuse her so that tells me something. Her death is on his hands. He should have left her and her property along. I’ve given keys back, but slipped and let the air out the tires or wait to later and take battery off until the person calms down. You have to know who you are dealing with.

    • I said it. on said:

      Exactly. I know a lady who’s married to an older gentleman. She had his doctor write a letter to the DPS office. The DPS office sent him a letter saying he could no longer drive. Problem alleviated.

      The police need to learn how to work with the mentally disturbed, etc. community.

      I wonder how the relative who called the cops will feel at the funeral. My family would still be whipping his behind. Black people know not to call the cops unless it’s a last ditch effort. Big Mama was not going to hurt him.

      • Traboe on said:

        And you know “Big Mama” wasn’t going to hurt him because she told you this right…you right black ppl don’t usually call the police and that’s one of the reasons violence/murder rate is so high in our community smh

      • I said it. on said:

        I guess every time your parents told you something off the wall they did it? He could have, as mentioned, give the lady the keys, apologized, and then hid the keys at a later time, took the battery out, had her checked out by her doctor, contacted DPS to have the license revoked, called a relative to come and intervene. Did he think they were going to try to talk her down? They don’t know her, they are going to try to get back home to the family that they do know.

        I am the first person to call the police when something is awry and educate young people on what snitching is and isn’t.
        Our community? Explain how you are using the term. The crime and murder rate in MY community is fine. You should see the quality of life index for the area. Thank God!
        I give back my time and money to my city and around the world throughout the year, feed and clothe the homeless, buy meals, do group therapy for free with teens, and am raising my children to be productive citizens. Other than what’s mentioned on the post, what can I do? We have to stop talking about what is wrong with the Black community, pointing fingers, and be about the business of making it better.
        In the process, stop lumping everyone together in the same hood.

  7. Tony on said:

    Like it or not if you wave a gun around and the police are present, YOU WILL GET SHOT, PERIOD!! Every police officer, everywhere, has the authority to use deadly force if a gun or knife is being welded by a person. Age means nothing. That stuff you see on TV about cops talking down a person who is armed is absolute bullsh!t. It doesn’t happen like that in real life.

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