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Minutes may be comedian Chris Paul‘s specialty, but as many of us know, there isn’t enough time in the world to get over losing a loved one.

Paul, a longtime member of the Tom Joyner Morning Show family, is mourning the loss of his mother Mrs. Helen McMillian. He expressed his grief on Facebook in a heartfelt message that reminds us that life is short, he wrote:

I haven’t really talked about it, and I haven’t written about it or posted anything. But on Friday there will be another funeral for my family to attend. In February my oldest brother passed away, and 80 days later, my Mom. My dear sweet, sweet Mother. The woman who loved me and believed in me way before I was capable of loving and believing in myself. The woman who planted the seed of God inside of me that grew me into a prayerful warrior for Christ. I have had many glasses of bourbon since getting that phone call last Tuesday at 4am. My mother went into the hospital right after my brother died and she never came home. The pain of losing her oldest baby was too much for her 78 year old body to take. But my Mama suffers no more. She dances with Angels now. Pain and suffering are burdens for us living. One more glass of Maker’s before I turn in tonight. But no tears. I am forever filled with the blessing of knowing I had the greatest mother who ever walked the planet. I know a lot of you believe that you have the best mother. But you’re wrong.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show and family sends their deepest condolences to Chris Paul and his family. If you have a message you would like to express, please share it in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Comedian Chris Paul Opens Up About the Death of His Mother

  1. Bro. Chris … my deepest deepest condolences on the loss of your mother and your brother. I am in the same place you are. 36 days ago I lost my mother. She was (is) everything to me. Since her passing I have shutdown everything. No blogging. No tweeting. No texting. Mother & I lived together and in the last months of her illnesses I was her caregiver. We were extremely close. I lost two people on March 26, 2014., I lost my mother and I lost my friend which has left me devastated, heartbroken and empty. My mother was 35 days shy of her 70th birthday when she passed away, yesterday May 1st was her birthday and what a lonely dark day for me it was. I miss her so. Bro. Chris, OUR mothers were the best mothers to walk the face of this planet. OUR mothers are dancing with the angels. OUR mothers suffer no more. My mother had so much more life left in her fiercely independent intelligent funny loving giving soul. What will I do without her? Bro. Chris, I follow you on twitter, I listen to your “Morning Minute” most mornings and your DVD with the brothaman Huggy Lowdown is hilarious. Bro. Chris your pain is real and your pain is felt by me and I’m sure so many others who have lost their mothers. Peace & Blessings. And once again my deepest condolences.

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