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Now that the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” season is over, Bravo is gearing up for a new drama-packed show, “Kandi’s Wedding.”

Kandi and her boo Todd Tucker said “I Do,” earlier this month and brought along cameras to document their journey to the alter….and Chile, what a journey it was!

By the looks of the recently release trailer, the two merging families (Mama Joyce and Todd’s mother) clash when all the junk Mama Joyce’s had been saying about Todd being an opportunist came to a roaring head. Todd’s mother reached her boiling point and warned Mama Joyce, “You got the wrong one now b*tch.”

When Mama Joyce isn’t causing a stir, the focus seems to be on Todd’s lawyer advising him not to sign Kandi’s prenup. Throw in a midget stripper and Todd’s raunchy bachelor party and we think this is going to be good!

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DRAMA: Moms Clash & Tempers Flare On ‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Trailer was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

2 thoughts on “DRAMA: Moms Clash & Tempers Flare On ‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Trailer

  1. redbone1954 on said:

    Lord this is gonna be a hot mess! And good for Todd’smama standing up to mma Joyce (who I am personally sick of) and good for Todd telling Kandi all her mama thnk about is money! Iw as wondering when Todd was going to get some hel from his family.

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