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We sure do hope this is a wild rumor…no seriously we hope this is wrong! Because our friends over at Eben Gregory are reporting that only four Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast members got contracts this week. Well, considering there used to be six housewives holding peaches… this poses a problem! Ultimately it would mean that two of the women got the axe!

It is rumored that the ladies that got contracts were; NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra….and Twirl. Yes, the word on the street is that Queen Coo-Coo Kenya got her way and Porsha’s contract was not renewed…nor was everyone’s BFF Cynthia Bailey’s contract renewed!

We are having a hard time believing this one simply because most of the public as well as the housewives themselves seemed to be on Porsha’s side. Not to mention that Cynthia brought a fly balance to some of the most ratchet of the ratchet.

We still think the viewing public have the ability to make producers rethink their position on things from time to time. So if this is actually a true story and you feel a way…take to your social media and make some noise over it. Couldn’t hurt!




Contracts Allegedly Only Went Out To 4 RHOA Cast Mates This Week was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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11 thoughts on “Contracts Allegedly Only Went Out To 4 RHOA Cast Mates This Week

  1. I loved the show but HONESTLY cannot see myself watching another minute of Kenya Moore, that ridiculous laugh of hers, the ongoing husband inventions, and talks of a baby she knows damn well she neither wants or needs. she’s too vain to be a mother.

  2. Okay, I need to find me another show to watch on Sunday night. Lifetime has lost it’s edge now RHOA is lost their minds if they decide to keep Kenyace and not renew Porsha. I for one would like to see how Porsha do with the video and rebuilding her life. She’s more interesting than Kenyace by far. What’s the point, I have got to fine something of better quality to watch. National Geo would be better. lol

  3. This is a Prime Example that ” BRAVO” Promotes Bullying if Porsha gets fired. Kandi B. is my favorite RHOA, but i will not watch the next season if Porsha is not casted. peace

      • Charmayne Williams on said:

        Get rid of Nene, she’s so full of herself. In her mind she’s clearly outgrown the other ladies so she should be gone. I’m soooooo happy Porscha didn’t get a renewal contract. She is annoying and without substance. Kandi’s my favorite but I don’t think I can do another season with Nene.

  4. lynnetta bolden on said:

    Kenya Moore really needs to be booted from the show. She has been nothing but negative drama since she started on this show. She does not fit the mold of a Real Housewife why is she still there? She is indeed crazy as all hell and needs to get a real life and stop trying to get other people husbands – and definitely needs to know that she is indeed too old to be trying to have a child…really!!1

  5. Kenya is a lonely old female, who picks on others females with a man. She is bitter and it shows. Bravo may like her but know that she are bringing your ratings down. She is a ratchet embarrassment to black contestants in beauty pageants everywhere. That’s why she is single and has to get sperm from a clinic. Men know they don’t want children with her.

    • I am in total agreement with you! I will no longer be watching the program as long as they have the sh** starting rachett Kenya “WHORE” Moore on the program. Bravo has lost yet another viewer! I hope the fall viewing line up of programs can bring our race into the light! I am done!!!!!

  6. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I’ve watched it since the beginning, I won’t be watching it anymore because all this means is more drama. Those three will be against Kenya, could tell by watching them sit on the couch rolling their eyes. Already know that hood rat Porshia was getting fire, could also tell Cynthia was fired because all of a sudden she starts lashing out to NeNe which was something she never did, would do it to any and everybody but NeNe now she can’t stand NeNe. Bravo is a drama filled s**t starting network, I’m done with Bravo, won’t be getting my ratings.

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