Oklahoma University football star Frank Shannon has told police he didn’t rape a sorority girl at his apartment back in January.

TMZ reports:

The leading tackler on the Sooners claims she was the initiator and even removed her own clothes.

But Shannon claims things came to a grinding halt when he asked her if she was on her period. She allegedly said “No” but an argument ensued and Shannon says he got up and went to the bathroom.

The woman tells a different story. She claims Shannon came up from behind her in the apartment, pulled down her pants and attempted to have sex with her.

The woman claims Shannon asked if she was menstruating and she said “Yes” — and that’s when he went to the bathroom and she left the apartment.

The report says the woman had texted a friend from Shannon’s apartment saying she was raped.

According to the Oklahoman, the alleged victim also sent a text saying the “last thing” her sorority needs is negative media attention involving a football player.

Shannon reportedly told cops that she was trying to either set him up from the beginning or was simply embarrassed that he wouldn’t have sex with her that night and this was her way of getting back at him.

Despite the allegations, no charges have been filed against Shannon.

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(Photo Source: Tulsa.com)


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