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It looks like Michael Fassbender is back at it again. The handsome British actor of  X Men First Class and 12 Years a Slave fame is reportedly now dating supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Fassbender’ last public girlfriend was Sleepy Hollow actress Nicole Beharie.

Campbell, 43, and Fassbender, 37, were seen out hugging and kissing at London hotspot Coya Tuesday.

A source said, “They were in a cordoned-off area within the members’ area of the restaurant to give them as much privacy as possible.” Nevertheless, the two didn’t shy away from public displays of affection. “But they didn’t mind being seen together and were openly affectionate. At one point, they even started snogging [kissing],” a source said.

Supposedly, Campbell became interested in Fassbender after seeing him in 12 Years a Slave and couldn’t wait to go out on a date with him.

Both parties are known for dating other famous people. Campbell, who was dating Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin until recently seems to like her men either rich or famous or both, while Fassbender has become quite the Hollywood womanizer.

Will this relationship last or is just a fling? Guess we’ll just have to see.

(Photo: PR Photos)

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