04/02/14 –

Dear Tom,

My name is Clarence Lewis from Flint, Michigan and I am a forty-eight year-old man with stage-4 colon cancer. On April 27th, my wife and I have our flying tickets to Washington, DC where I am scheduled for surgery on May 1st at Med Star Washington Hospital Center with an eexpert in surgical oncology, Dr. Sugarbaker . My surgeon is a pioneer in last-hope cancer surgery and tom, this surgery is my only hope to keep living.

I have a special, time-sensitive Christmas wish. My wife and I are asking your assistance with the cost of our stay at the hotel from April 27, when we arrive, until May 3, when my wife can move into my hospital room. The hotel has a shuttle service for patients and family while they are undergoing treatment, but we canโ€™t afford the high expense of six days, plus all the other costs associated with our stay. If you can please, please, please help us we will deeply appreciate it.

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