oprah-screenshot-the-butler-intvMedia mogul Oprah Winfrey is known for her generosity. She is also known for being a no nonsense business woman. Oprah Winfrey put on her business woman hat and had her former step mother evicted out of a Tennessee home the woman shared with Oprah’s father.

As the story goes, Oprah bought a home in Tennessee for hear father Vernon and his bride Barbara when they got married in 2001. The marriage fell apart two years ago and the couple divorced. When they divorced, Barbara was asked to leave the property considering it was purchased by Oprah Winfrey for her father and remained in the name of a limited liability company started by Oprah. Barbara Winfrey refused to leave the property and court documents were filed to have her removed.



It looks like the judge fostered an extension on the eviction for the former Mrs. Winfrey. Barbara Winfrey was slated to be kicked pout of the home within the next teen days. However, during an eviction hearing, the judge presiding over the case told Barbara Winfey, “The court is certainly aware of your situation. I’m trying to do what I can for you, OK?”

The OWN Network founder agreed to the extension. But many are wondering how it got this far in the first place. Acording to a spokesperson for Oprah, Barbara Winfrey was offered the home free of charge if she signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of the divorce. Barbara Winfrey refused to sign. “As part of the divorce proceedings, Barbara Winfrey was offered the Chateaue Valley home free and clear to live with her family and she chose not to accept it. The next offer was to sell the residence on Willowbooke Circle and split the proceeds equally, which she also turned down.  After several requests to voluntarily vacate the property at Willowbrooke Circle, the appropriate paperwork has been filed to have her vacate the property.  A 60 day extension has been granted.”

Barbara Winfrey better find a place to stay in a timely fashion before she’s homeless. Oprah obviously isn’t in the mood to be nice anymore.



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5 thoughts on “Oprah Forced To Allow Former Stepmother To Stay In Tennessee Home

  1. LaJune on said:

    Whoever typed this story needs to be fired!!! Get it together BLACK AMERICA WEB editors!!! Learn how to spell and correct grammar…jeezz!!

  2. pac4me on said:

    Business is business and that’s all this is – You don’t want to sell & split the proceeds, so yo a$$ got to go! What’s the problem here? You think Oprah is running a charity for her father’s ex? I think not and I don’t blame her

  3. retired on said:

    OPRAH NOT FORCE TO DO ANYTHING! The judge asked Oprah to give the GOLD DIGGER, Barbara, 66, 30 days to vacate Oprah’s property!

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