Atlanta rapper/reality star Lil Scrappy had to deal with something no parent ever wants to deal with a disappointed child on their birthday. Scrappy and his baby mama reality star Erica Dixon wanted to treat their daughter Imani to a party at the salon for her birthday. However, it turned into a fight against racism.

According to Scrappy and Dixon, they scheduled an appointment at a salon for their daughter. The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars put a down payment on the party beforehand. The problem arose when Scrappy and Erica arrived twenty minutes late for the appointment which was scheduled to last two and a half hours. When they arrived late, the salon staff wouldn’t allow them into the establishment.

Scrappy began to complain because the down payment had already been paid and he felt as though the party should go on as planned. Well, the all white staff begged to differ and allegedly told him they didn’t want to serve “you people.” You know nothing will get black people up in arms faster than a white person using the phrase ‘you people” in a sentence.

Police were called to the scene because Scrappy refused to leave the salon until he got the down payment returned. The police helped in getting half of the down payment back on the spot. The salon did agree to mail the other half back to the rapper.


3 thoughts on “Racists Ruin Lil Scrappy’s Daughter’s Birthday

  1. If feel bad for the child and parents. The south will be the south forever. No matter how much money and fame you have your still nothing to them. Sad.

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