Jessie Baskin was sentenced to 51 weeks in the county jail, five years of probation and 300 hours of community service for participating in the beating death of 26-year-old Robert Champion, the drum major for the Florida A&M marching band who was hazed to death  in November 2011.

In a hearing that lasted nearly three hours, Baskin’s attorney called several character witnesses from the 22-year-old’s family, including his mother and father. He also submitted a brief that contained letters pleading for leniency.

Baskin was emotional throughout, several times wiping away tears, and other times trembling in his seat.

Fifteen former band members were charged with manslaughter and hazing in Champion’s death. Seven have been sentenced to combinations of probation and community service. One other defendant – 25-year-old Caleb Jackson – has pleaded no contest to manslaughter and is awaiting sentencing.

What do you think of the sentence? Does he deserve more than a year in jail?

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2 thoughts on “Former FAMU Band Member Gets 1 Year Sentence in Champion Hazing Death

  1. Yolie on said:

    I am still shocked that these young people keeping jail time for the decision a 27 year old made. Robert Champion was 27 years old and he made a decison based on the fact that he wanted to be a part of a group so bad that he would let people whoop his a$$…. really,and we are saying he is in no way partly responsible for this reprehensible act… I am not saying the beaters should not be charged but jail time no….

  2. Now, if this young man was a privileged white boy, he would get a chance to go to the rehab. resort. People this is in your face. I just read another story where the father is the grand son of the DuPont family raped his son and daughter, he admitted to it. The judge stated that going to jail would not help him at all, he needs therapy. So what da hell is wrong with the system. This young man need therapy as well.

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