“Preachers of LA” star Deitrick Haddon has a lot on his plate these days. The newlywed is a busy father of two beautiful daughters, he’s filming the second season of his hit Oxygen reality show and he’s gearing up for the April 22nd release of his new his gospel album. In the midst of his many ventures, the pastor has even more work to do to clear his name after nude selfies hit the web a few months back. (Talk about a PR problem!)

Well, after much Internet and church chit-chat, Deitrick has finally addressed his alleged penis pics. During an interview with HipHollywood at BET’s Annual Celebration of Gospel, the 40-year-old artist said “sometimes we fall short just being human.”

“You just live, nobody is perfect out there. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made my mistakes in my life and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of this camera that has not made a mistake,” he said. “The only difference is us being in the spotlight and we are preachers and we are held to a different standard. Sometimes we fall short just being human. The only thing you can do is just keep moving and keep going.”

“I have tough skin,” he added. “When you’re doing what we do, people are going to always talk. It is what it is.”

Without confirming or denying the photo, he jokingly asked: “Whose picture is that?”

As far as “Preachers of LA,” he said “we are taping now actually.”

“They are all up in my house – cameras everywhere,” he shared. “The goal of this show is to really show the flip-side of ministry, to show you the truth about who we are…We are called ministers of the gospel. I’ve been singing the gospel for years and people need to know that we are real and we have real issues like anybody else.”

“It’s ground breaking TV,” he concluded.


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4 thoughts on “‘Preachers Of LA’ Star Deitrick Haddon Finally Addresses His Nude Selfie Floating Around The Internet

  1. Ivan Cohen on said:

    And these cameras are in his bathroom? And did he forget that there were cameras on the premises? No pun intended did you Detrick Haddon need “exposure” this badly? You may have real issues like “anybody else”, only catch “anybody else” is not on a reality show.

  2. Veronica on said:

    When that NASTY thing was all over the Internet and pretending to be a man of God. That was a disgrace before God. That’s when he decided to marry his wife, after they were playing house and bearing children out of wedlock. WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND PASTOR DEITRICK IS A DISGRACE TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

  3. Seriously on said:

    You are playing a dangerous game and you can keep on preaching that the devout can do what ever they want and just repent. But one day you are going to choose holiness or hell, or the decision will be made for you. People rise and fall all the time, but it is never okay. You have to atleast admit that and strive for holiness. Or your hyprocrisy and double talk will come withy enternity consequences.

  4. Betty Collins on said:

    Yes, Preachers are real. I know many may believe preachers to be small gods but I’m certainly not one of them. However, if you profess to know the word of God and to be His child, you don;t portray or act like the world does. We all should be striving everyday to live a life that’s pleasing to God. What I see and hear from this reality show brings nothing but shame and disgrace to God’s kingdom. What is this world coming too! God is not pleased!

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