Lil’ Mo‘s marriage to Phillip Bryant was a major story line in season one of “R&B Divas: LA” but that won’t be the case in season two of the hit series.

The R&B singer and her husband have called it quits and on top of that, she has already moved on!

Mo professed her feelings on Instagram, writing a romantic caption dedicated to the man pictured below, she posted:


“MCM. Aka my FACETIME!! When a hood n*gga LOVE you and allllll the 💩 you come with and don’t JUDGE you. And don’t ASK nor try to EASE his way on YOUR SHOW and loves his MOMMY and his MOMMY loves YOU and his whole family LOVES you for YOU not the artist, you damn right I’ll give all this up for the LOVE. But he said DON’T give UP, just give US a try. Mannnnn listen. I’ll kill for this ONE here!! and the rest of MY story will be explained on season 2 of #rbdivasla and my EP “the scarlet letter” and my BOOK “the taming of LIL mo”. There. YOU. GO. Now double tap and show my nigga some LOVE #boosiehome cc: @dynamiteko”

She also hinted at the break-up in a revealing tweet, she wrote:

“FYI reality tv does NOT break UP relationships!! beleedat!! If anything it reveals!!!”

Bryant and Lil’ Mo have one son together named Jonah Maddox-Phillip Bryant. He is 2 years old.

Do you think reality TV broke them up?

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7 thoughts on “Lil’ Mo Splits from Husband, Shows Off New Alleged Boyfriend on Instagram [PHOTO]

  1. Beebee on said:

    She is in love with the idea of being in love. There are some women who will flit from man to man to man, thinking that one of them is going to love her perfectly. No one other than God can ever love us perfectly and fulfill all of our needs. It takes two to tangle and I don’t know what happened in her marriage and really don’t need to. However, she seems very immature and does not seem to realize, after two failed marriages, that the bad times are going to come. The infatuation stage of falling in love will not last. She’s never learned to stay in love. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love and in a relationship is a whole lot of work. I hope she finds the love she’s looking for and ultimately peace in her spirit. She seems unsettled.

  2. I’m glad you happy, just slow down a little.This time in your life right now should be dedicated to your children not another man.You were trying to get custody of your daughters let that be your first concern.

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