Of course Chelsea Handler isn’t racist. You know you why? Because she dates Black people. At least that’s her reasoning.

The comedian caused quite a stir Oscar night when she tweeted a promo for her new book Uganda Be Kidding Me, her new collection of essays about traveling through Africa with friends, after 12 Years A Slave star Lupita Nyong’o won for Best Supporting Actress.

The connection? “She’s African,” Handler said in an interview with “Good Morning America” to unapologetically plead her case. “She’s Kenyan and she was talking about being African so yeah. The book is about Africa so yeah there is a connection.”

“People are always upset with me about something. I don’t take it personally,” she explained.

When host George Stephanopoulos pressed Chelsea to clarify her remarks, which many Twitter users called “tasteless” and “racist,” she said “it’s not a serious thing.”

“People are mad at me all the time. If I was worried about that then I would be spending a lot of time online. I’d rather be a little more productive,” she said. “I’m not racist. I date a lot of black people, so that would be a difficult thing to explain to them.”

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Chelsea. Check out the tweets below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.24.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.26.22 PM

10 thoughts on “Chelsea Handler Says She Can’t Be Racist Because…She Dates Black Men!

  1. Demp109 on said:

    I I get and agree with what you are saying hotlanta. My comment addressed black media’s attention to alleged racism, when we should be getting our houses in order. That is all.


  3. iann11 on said:

    Could we just STOP talking about really dumb and silly issues about if someone is racist or not. When they’re so many viable and serious and real issues that need urgent solutions. If someone is racist or not is a mute point, if they are who gives a DAMN, what can you do about it anyway????? Let’s get real and honest about things that we can truly change and make a difference in someone’s life. I feel as a Country, we spent way tooooooo much time and dialogue on the race issue, either you are or your not, I simply don’t give a DAMN…. Just get out of my way so I can my life going after the things that make me happy and make me a better person. Life is way toooooo short to let someone else’s feelings, thoughts, actions, attitude’s,and beliefs affect your Life!!!!!!

    • Demp109 on said:

      I agree totally I agree totally! What a bunch of B.S. Let’s talk about Black on black crime. Probably won’t get much play on talk TV and radio. It may get a shout out. That’s the real elephant in the room!!! I guess Al, Jesse, Tavis, etc. won’t get sponsored if they had a town hall on this.

      • iann11 on said:

        Thank you, Demp 109 for seeing what I see, the need to get real and deal with things that really matter in life.

      • hotlanta on said:

        Black on black crime really. Was Sandy Hook or Columbine considered a white on white crime. I get my fix on white on white crime by looking at Dateline, 20/20 and 48 hours how white people shoot each other. White folks been busy so far this week,. White man with 6 kids got caught in child porn sting and today while reading the paper killed his newlywed wife for money. white guy got arrested for carjacking and selling meth and drugs out of his car. Where is outcry on television and radio about these white on white crimes. Stop living in a box as to where white folks don’t do anything but are the worst criminals in the world. A white person will have a better chance of getting killed by their own family member than by someone they don’t know.

    • Wildflower on said:

      Yes we do have many many other more pressing issues to address in this country but many stem from the very subject you are so quick to dismiss. I wonder where would we be if Dr. King, Malcom X and all the civil rights activist had your attitude. You may feel like it doesn’t matter to you until something happens to you or someone you. Think Jordan Davis, Trayvonne Martin and all the other blacks that have died at the hands of racist.

      • iann11 on said:

        And at the same time , young black men are killing young black men and women EVERYDAY!!!!! So your conversation means absolutely nothing until the black community REALLY decides to HONESTLY deal with the real issue of black on black crime, which is killing more young black men and women than George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn ever did. Until this problem is eradicated in the black community, you haven’t a leg to stand on!

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