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At this point, anyone can get a reality TV show, and it looks like nobody’s tired of them yet. In an obvious nod to the successful TLC show “Dance Moms,” Lifetime is premiering their brand new reality show Bring It.

Set in the world of hip-hop dance majorettes – which we frankly didn’t even know WAS a world, this show promises to be just as compelling as any show that combines African-American girls, their intense moms, and competing in very sparkly outfits can be. Dance coach Dianna and her Dancing Dolls promise to be intense and so do the moms who want their little darlings to win at all costs. Check out the full first episode here and watch the show on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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8 thoughts on “WATCH: Entire First Episode of New Lifetime Reality Show ‘Bring It’

  1. I watch this show every time it comes on even old ones miss d your doing a great job and so are your dolls i wish i can be on your team even if you lose love yall.i just can’t wait to see the rest in the summer

  2. stephanie busby on said:

    You are doing a great job stay on them. My 4years old g-daughter watching you and the girls. let the girls know they are great and to fight for what they love to do and never give up. My God Bless you and the young ladies. positive

  3. Justin Blake on said:

    Wow. What a show. Subtitles would help to decipher the interesting dialect that is spoken. Much of it is not English and subtitles would certainly help. Perhaps fewer exploitative shows like this or Honey Boo Boo and more television which espuses intellect?

  4. Trina Bateman on said:

    All forms of dance.Students should have or had ballet training.Ballet is the foundation. Point toes should never be an issue. However the show is very entertaining. I , will be watching every episode. Many blessing to the Dolls.

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