Pharrell Williams has been the recipient of criticism for not having Black women on the cover of his new album “G I R L,” but he strongly feels why this vitriol is misguided. As Pharrell explains in this exclusive interview on “The Russ Parr Morning Show,” one of the females featured on the cover of his album IS Black.

Despite being criticized, Pharrell talks about why he’s happy the conversation about light and dark skin in the Black community is being had. Plus, hear why his hit “Happy” is a Black record and why he calls it “the little song that could.”

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5 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams: “You Can’t Judge My Album By Its Cover” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. Skye on said:

    Question to Black men. With all of the negative views of Black women, do you feel you have an obligation to attempt to change that perception when given the opportunity?

  2. We have to teach our children (especially our boys) that sisters that look like this young woman is Beautiful. My daughter is not as dark as this young woman, and a boy in her class (6th grade) told her “she would be fine if she was light skin”. I was pissed. I told my daughter, he has no sense and its sad that his mother has/is not teaching him nothing – not self respect or respect.. He doesn’t like himself, so he don’t think much of other people!

  3. Did he marry a Black Woman? No! So its clear he has a problem with the woman who gave him life, and women that look her! I do not understand why Black people support Pharrell, others that marry white women! These black men do not like you, but want you to support them financially. White folks show aint supporting them.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      You are a damn fool. Pharrell is a big-time sellers ACROSS ALL GENRES. Look that up, Deb. You don’t know this man’s situation…..sheesh, hatin’ must be hard work!?

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