Jason Collins, according to Newsday, woke up just after 8 a.m. on Sunday to find he had missed a bunch of phone calls, texts and emails from important people trying to get in touch with him, including his agent and Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd.

As you know by now, the Brooklyn team was looking to sign him to a 10-day contract.

They were also looking for him to play that very same night against the LA Lakers.

You might recall Collins came out early last year as a free agent and had been hoping to get signed by an NBA team ever since.

For almost a year there was speculation about who, if anyone, would sign him.

Some said no one would sign an openly gay player because of the media attention, because of homophobia, because of locker room fear, because he supposedly is an average player.

Well, his old team, formerly the New Jersey Nets decided for whatever reason to bring Collins on board.

With Nets coach Jason Kidd at his side, two hours after he got the call, Collins signed the contract, reportedly worth about $30,000.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver texted his congratulations to Collins earlier in the day.

Silver then released a statement reading, “I’m honored, in so many ways, that the NBA presented to him a comfortable environment in which he both felt comfortable coming out last April, and one in which an NBA team felt comfortable signing him based on his ability, and in no way to make a political statement.”

With all eyes on him, just a few hours later,  35-year old Collins was suited up in Nets black and white and was on the the basketball court at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.

Collins played 11 minutes, had two rebounds, a steal, five fouls and missed his only jump shot.

It wasn’t a spectacular scoring game for him.

But he’s never had a spectacular scoring game.

That’s not what he’s put in to do.

Jason Kidd knows that’s the case because he and Collins were teammates for a number of seasons.

The 7-feet tall center is put into the game to block, make rebounds and take fouls for the shooters.

For all outward appearances he was well-received by his teammates and the fans.

When the game was over, Jason Collins did what he was hired to do and then went to the locker room, cleaned up and went home just like all the other players on both teams.

And that was it.

The world kept spinning.

8 thoughts on “Look at That, Jason Collins Played in an NBA Game and the World Kept Spinning

  1. joe Valdez on said:

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    • Joe Valdez, first 25% of gay men do not have anal intercourse. They neither get or give anal penetration. Second, human sexual orientation has three essential parts: heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual–but it’s actually a continuum per the Kinsey Scale of Sexuality (Google it and learn). Third, God must like homosexuals because he continues to make them in abundance in every race, creed, color and religion in the world. Fourth, what business is it of yours what two consenting adults do in private?

      • joe Valdez on said:

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  2. Well, isn’t that amazing that the world is still spinning and that the sun comes up still in the East. What’s even more amazing is that the Net’s locker room was not abuzz with complaints that Jason Collins was looking at team members in the shower nude, that Jason Collins was trying to have sex with team members while in the shower or otherwise, that Jason Collins was trying to “cop” a feel with team members in the locker room or otherwise. That Jason Collins did none of those things may mean that Jason Collins must not be gay! LOL

    • joe Valdez on said:

      I hope that Pigs like Lemon, Golins, and that Sam die quick from AIDS . I hope they suffer and that their bodies are infested with pain . These Lw Life Mongrels mus die with pain.

  3. Timekeeeper on said:

    Okay so he played. Im glad he got to play. I hope Sam also gets to play, as well as any others who come out.
    That haivng been said I am tird of any of them being labeed heros. I am not hating and dont get mad for those of you who want to ball your lip up and go off on me.
    I just know too many real heroes, men and women who died on the batle field of justice, or a real battlefied for that matter. Everyone has a different definitopn o hero and if they fit your versoin, fine. They are not mine and never will be. I know some real, rreal heroes who stuck their neck out, their families necks out, and died in order to make this a better country, or some in a smaller way, tried ( and are still trying to make better neighborhoods. Your sexual satisfaction doesnt make you any kind of hero. Brave, perhaps but certainly not a hero. The term Hero is beoing watered down to a point we dont even know what it means anymore.

  4. Follow the money and those doing the marketing… Too bad your commentary couldn’t be about the young man whose father killed Jeffery Dahmer and how he is NOT following his father’s footsteps…

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