(CNN) — One of the jurors in the trial of Michael Dunn said that race played no part in the case.

The Florida jury on Saturday convicted Dunn, 47, on three charges of attempted second-degree murder for shooting into an SUV holding four black teenagers, after arguing with Jordan Davis, 17, about the volume of their music.

Dunn is white; Davis was black.

The shots continued even as the SUV was fleeing, and Dunn was also convicted of one count of shooting into the vehicle.

But a first-degree murder charge for Davis’ death resulted in a hung jury.

“I never once thought about, oh, this was a black kid. This was a white guy,” Juror No. 8 Creshuna Miles told CNN on Thursday.

“We didn’t even think about the race aspect of it,” she said. “Race was never a factor … when I was making my decision.”

The case, for Miles, was just about justice.

“When I walked into it, I just wanted to bring justice to whoever it was,” she said.

Miles, 21, said she believes Dunn is guilty of murder, but not as charged. She thinks he was guilty of second-degree murder.

“I think he is a good guy. I don’t think he hates everybody. I don’t think he walks around wanting to shoot everybody. I think that he made bad decisions,” she said.

Like Juror No. 4, who spoke to ABC News’ “Nightline,” Miles said that the jury was split over the issue of self-defense.

In his testimony, Dunn insisted that Davis threatened him and that he saw a gun. Police never recovered a weapon.

Both jurors felt Dunn crossed a line when he continued to fire at the SUV as it fled the scene, that any threat Dunn may have felt earlier had passed.

“I was honestly convinced that he was in self-defense until he chased the car down and started shooting more,” Miles said. “Even if initially you didn’t have the opportunity to take yourself out of the situation to stop, running behind the car and shooting more, that’s where you completely push your limits.”

Miles is one of two black women who served on the jury. The others were four white women, four white men, an Asian woman and a Hispanic man.

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42 thoughts on “Juror in Michael Dunn Trial: ‘Race Was Never a Factor’

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    Hopefully, this juror does not have any black male sons. Some people are actually as dumb as they look or sound as surely the defense team, Dunn’s lawyer, thought so and saw that she would be a good pick for the defense team, Dunn’s defense. Since when was a white boy killed over playing loud music? “Attempted” whatever degree murder, when the person is or has been and is lying in the morgue, shot dead? What sense does that make?

  2. marteda on said:

    YES race played a factor in this situation. Dunn wanted to kill a young black man and he did. That juror is not in touch with the real world. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL DUNN IS A GOOD MAN..Where did they get her from? I hope every juror will lose sleep for being so in human. Prayer for the young man family.

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    OHN jOHN on February 21, 2014 at 10:13 am said:

    And I say you’re an IDIOT to make such a DUMB COMMENT.

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I’m black and can’t stand loud music coming from anyone’s car where I’m parked. What I do is ignore it, don’t say a word/no stare downs, or I’ll move and/or leave without saying a word or doing anything. Like Zimmerman, Dunn has a short fuse, dislike young black males and a ticking time bomb using Stand Your Ground as an excuse to kill a young black male. Was nice to see him in shock assuming he was gong to walk away like Zimmerman did and the best part was seeing him crying scared to go to prison.

  5. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Dorothy Kincaid on February 21, 2014 at 5:13 pm said: “Hopefully other young Blacks ARE not as dumb as this young woman”.

    Really, you’re kidding right, to make such a ignoramous comment, you’re stereotyping and don’t even realize it. Absolutely not all black youth are not dumb like this woman, nor does she represent black youth as a whole let alone. GEEZE!!!

  6. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Clearly during jury selection, the defense attorneys chose her because they knew she would be an asset to them (cannot think logically, little or no education and ignorant). Jeb Bush singed that bill into law in 2005 when he was the Governor of Florida and so far it’s sticking/they’re not changing it.

  7. Blessed1 on said:

    I am sadden as A mother of young black sons growing up in a society who refuse to acknowledge that racism is still alive and well. For those of you who are angered by the comments of the individual who noted he was forwarding a non-threatening comment to the FBI…. Please don’t be. He/she and all of those who share such ignorance require prayer. Only ignorance and self-hatred can promote a refusal to see we have a huge problem in this country. EQUALITY….
    The unfortunate truth is that we may never find it in this life. No matter how hard we fight or shout. WE did not create the justice system nor was it created on the pretense that race is a common factor in such crimes. Many are walking around with the same arrogance and mentality as Dunn “I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SILENCE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EQUAL OR WORTHY OF HUMANLY CONSIDERATION, AND AS SUCH I CAN SHOOT U DOWN AND POSSIBLY HAVE NONE OR MINIMAL CONSEQUENCE BECAUSE I AM THE GREAT AND MIGHTY KING OF THE EARTH” AND IT IS MY DUTY TO CHASTISE YOU WHEN YOU GET OUT OF HAND. DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE MASTER PUTTING HIS UNRULY SLAVE IN LINE.??
    You should pray for that family who lost their child instead of spilling opinions based on nothing more than a superior attitude. A child was lost here. Do keep that in mind…
    The only question I have for this juror is, was it a year of free rent, free meals at your local fast food establishment or a life supply of Kool Aid guaranteed to encourage you to make this slave-mentality speech?

    Be Blessed

  8. keebee51 on said:


  9. JanCorey on said:

    There was no intent to kill as you so incorrectly claim and that was also proven in court. There was, however, an intent to defend himself from a substantiated threat by those kid-thugs which lent to the conviction on the lesser of the charge.

  10. This poor young woman does not look very intelligent. Maybe there should be a minimum IQ test adminstered for jury selection. I also have to wonder does she still feel the same after hearing his phone comments or reading his prison letters.

  11. This woman is surely an idiot. Race not play an issue in this guys action it’s said that her comments reflects the way she looks someone misinformed. SAD SAD SAD

  12. Dorothy Kincaid on said:

    Hopefully other young Blacks ARE not as dumb as this young woman. Can’t believe her. If this is how young people are believing, they don’t have a snow balls chance in hell. Now I understand why Florida! Got family there and hopefully they will be ok.

  13. Timekeeper on said:

    Your piont is well taken Aaron! Race is always the elephant in the room when it comes to cases like this. I believe this is one of the reasons why she passed the jury test. Im sure the defense knew her nievete and being young could work to thir advantage.

  14. “I think he’s a good guy” Wow the man shot in a car filled with people. If this lady really thinks race played no part in this she is insane. This is what happens when people don’t tell their children the truth about race in America.

    • You are so right!!!! To think this person didn’t look at race first? That man would have NEVER shot into a car of 4 white boys. I hate some of our dumb ass people.

  15. Was race a factor? Yes most likely, the youths being black put more of an edge on the situation.
    But race is also a factor in most of the high profile Black on White crimes as well.

  16. Timekeeper on said:

    Plesse All be advised. Over the past year anbd a half, many bigots,racsts, tea party activists, and extreme right wing groups have made their way to this , another minority websites. Since the murder of Trayvon Martin I am sure many of you have seen certain individuals who purposely come on this site and spew hateful, bigoted comments with no purpose other than to instill more hate. Some of these people are actually being paid ( by groups headed by the Koch Brothers and other similar orgaiznations. They only come on this site when they get an email alert that references “Trayvon” or issues like these. they ignore every other mattter except that one. Their goal:is To distort the conversation and attempt to legitamize Stnad Your Ground and any issues involvong our youth ( particulary black boys) The enemy is the author of confusion and unfortunately; sometimes it does work. Too many have already fallen for the Okydoke. My advie os to ignore these race baiters when they do respond. They want to hav fun and hate at your expnse. A sincere dialogue is the last thing they want .
    Have A Blessed Day!

    • JanCorey on said:

      Well said there Timekeeper, those trolls do nothing more than ignore the facts of the case as they attack others that are better-informed than themselves and use their racist and bigoted agenda to expand on their mission to further confuse the already-confused. Waste of time if you ask me, the facts always will prevail, even when they cannot understand what is just beneath their fingertips.

    • tewdeeq on said:

      Please see the information provided by Timekeeper above, re: “JanCorey” and all like it. May be this info should be posted on all of BlackAmericaweb.com’s website and issues (regarding these trolls and such).

      • JanCorey on said:

        I am just so thankful that Dunn got at least one of those punk-thugs that threatened him before Dunn got sent to jail for protecting his own life.

  17. JanCorey on said:

    I agree with the juror that race was not a factor in this case for the jurors, it had to do with their interpretation of self-defense which I happen to think most victims of crimes like Dunn would have reacted in a similar manner given the same circumstances. At least one of those thugs was eliminated and will never again threaten anymore victims.

    • jOHN jOHN on said:



      • JanCorey on said:

        JJ, I understand your resentment of facts when you are confused by so much bigotry and racism, but I forwarded your threat to the FBI so you can expect a knock at your door soon. Try instead, imo, to offer your future comments that are informative, enlightening, and non-combative, that may give you a better way to effectively communicate with those you are trying to help by gaining and building their own intellect. Good luck JJ.

    • Justiceisnotequal on said:

      I’m sure he was sick of hearing the rap music blaring from the car. Just like I get sick of hearing these Hispanics blast their Latin music loud from their cars. However, I don’t tell the guy to turn his music down and then think he is going to pull a gun and pull my own gun. Then shoot at him 10 times. It makes no sense. But once again, I blame the entertainment industry, lack of home training, and this drive and ambition to look like thugs. Maybe the man did feel threatened. Maybe again he was going off the stereotypical notions that are out there. Whatever the case the young man is dead and Dunn is going to prison.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Justiceisnotequal, loud rap music and failing to turn it down is reason enough to many to open fire to defend oneself from the threat from the punk-kids who were threatening his life and the life of his passenger imo.

  18. Miles I think you are a fool it is about race and if we don’t face the fact it will never get better, I bet if those young men were white playing loud music he would have not said anything to them dam he just came from a wedding and I’m sure they was playing loud music. Wake Up Black People and say it like it is Racism still is alive.

    • americanize on said:

      I agree, plan an simple race matters in America Miles is 21yrs old.Should know some things about,black history which is American history,the civil rights movement an so on she could have been intimidated by other juors who din,t want to interject race into the deleberations.But those of us who are a little older knows juros bring their baggage into the court room.This is America RACE MATTERS HERE.

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