When Toni Braxton appeared on Bethenny this week, she talked about dating, her reality TV show and her divorce from former Mint Condition member Keri Williams, father of her two sons. But one of the most controversial things she said is that her amicable divorce from Williams was a very “Caucasian” divorce. The two live near each other in L.A. and Braxton says they’re very cordial. Bethenny then referred to her messy divorce, which has been fraught with problems and custody disputes,  as a “black divorce.”

Did Toni go a little too far, assuming that only white couples can have a friendly divorce and that Black ones are always arguing? Why are we always so quick to assume that things that are problematic and troublesome in relationships stem from ethnicity rather than the personalities of the two involved? Haven’t plenty of white folks had messy divorces? Click on the video and tell us what you think.

11 thoughts on “Say What? Toni Braxton: ‘I Had a “Caucasian” Divorce’

  1. It’s unfortunate that African Americans are always portrayed in a negative way, especially when one of us does it in a way that Toni did. I don’t think she understood what she said and hopefully didn’t mean it that way. Maybe once she’s made aware of it, she will apologize and admit that what she said is wrong and demeaning.

  2. Cut Her Some Slack: My brothers & sisters, don’t be too hard on Toni Braxton. It’s not right to kick a person, who is down, especially a sister.

  3. Toni is a classic example of the saying “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  4. I agree with all the other comments; who made Toni (bankruptcy twice & can’t handle her money) an authority on anything. Toni just sing and shut your ignorant ass up.

  5. I said it. on said:

    Just because Toni can sing, doesn’t mean we should assume she is intelligent. Maybe she’ll have very Caucasian concerts due to African Americans not attending.

  6. She is Pathetic! She’s just as stupid as Dumb Black Men (DBM), think white is right – slave mentality! So the idiots marry a white woman or a woman of mixed race.

  7. Some black people kill me when they think everything good is white. I have been divorced twice and both times we were cool. I would never say something as ignorant as that. Like Jazzyone1 said if you are that simple minded say that in your home not to a white talk show host.

  8. Jazzyone1 on said:

    It was a silly and ignorant comment to make. Not all of us are ‘strereotypical’ black folks. This is something you say in the privacy of your home.

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