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When Toni Braxton appeared on Bethenny this week, she talked about dating, her reality TV show and her divorce from former Mint Condition member Keri Williams, father of her two sons. But one of the most controversial things she said is that her amicable divorce from Williams was a very “Caucasian” divorce. The two live near each other in L.A. and Braxton says they’re very cordial. Bethenny then referred to her messy divorce, which has been fraught with problems and custody disputes,  as a “black divorce.”

Did Toni go a little too far, assuming that only white couples can have a friendly divorce and that Black ones are always arguing? Why are we always so quick to assume that things that are problematic and troublesome in relationships stem from ethnicity rather than the personalities of the two involved? Haven’t plenty of white folks had messy divorces? Click on the video and tell us what you think.

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