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First I want to start by praising Jordan Davis’ mother and father for the dignity they’ve displayed throughout this entire ordeal.

The fact they are still standing in the face of an overwhelming tragedy is nothing short of a miracle.

Davis’ mom Lucia McBath made this remark after the Dunn verdict came down:

“It’s sad for Mr. Dunn that he will live the rest of his life in that sense of torment. And I will pray for him.  And I’ve asked my family to pray for him. But, we are so grateful for the charges that have been brought against him.”

It takes a big person to be so graceful and gracious to the person who killed your son.

I’m not sure I could do it.

Jordan Davis is of not even related to me, yet I can relate.

I can relate to once being a 17-year old black kid who more often than not played his music too loud.

I can relate to sometimes being an older person who more often than not plays his music too loud.

The only people who’ve ever told me to turn my music down were my parents.

Some people next to me in traffic may have shot me some dirty looks.  Thank God for me and them they never physically shot me because most people have enough sense to know that that’s what teenagers do.

But this isn’t about me.

This is about us, all of us collectively.

This is about those in our society who have a sense of entitlement that the world should work the way they say it should work; that if you don’t obey my orders I have a right to pull out a gun and kill you.

This is about those in our society who are willfully unaware of the changing demographics of our this country; and that “Leave It To Beaver” no longer exists.

It never really did.

And it’s about those of us who are aware enough and present enough to stand up to blatant racism.

We must be brave enough to fight against obvious racial inequities in our judicial system. And we must be honest enough to examine ourselves and to force our fellow citizens to examine their own racist thoughts and actions.

If we fail in doing that we not only fail the grieving family of Jordan Davis, we fail ourselves, we fail our entire country.​

20 thoughts on “Don Lemon: It’s Time to Stand Our Ground Against Racial Inequity

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  2. jacquelineperry on said:

    This racial equality goes on in our filing of discriminaton complaints in state and fedderal offices.depending on what it is, we’re being discriminated against, cause they think we don’t know the law and are dumb.a lot of these folks are racist when it come to black complaints.

  3. joe Valdez on said:

    This Don Lemon Homo has no authority to speak on behalf of hard working African Americans who overwhelmingly believe that “Mariage Is Between One Man And One Woman” .
    Obama is a supporter of these sexual deviants . Obama cares more about HOMOS than Black People. Obama takes African Americans and Latinos for granted

  4. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Don Lemon talked about “what we must do” yet he provided or contributed no strategies. In essence ” he ain’t got game.”

  5. Standing My Ground.. I was unjustly called a thief and fired from my job. In 2013, a black pregnant woman has no rights against corporate america.

  6. Rev. Pat Greene on said:

    I feel like we’ve been punked for 400 years.
    We are over due…over done….absolutely livid with inequities and injustice alive and thriving I… still… in 2014. We’ve grown too comfortable believing in the process we were Given to beg for our rights. There has to be an option after 400 years of empty promises and failed policies. Is there a 2014 vision test necessary to see that the same people we are petitioning are the same law makers that are us throwing in front of the gun ? Obviously if we keep doing what we always did we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got !
    149 years after The Emancipation ( 53,044 days =approx. 78,314,400 minutes) and we are still getting the same results. What if the peaceful approach is the wrong approach. Will you stand your ground ? *Angry BLACK MAN !!!! *

  7. Honestly on said:

    Cave n@@ers will destroy this country before they lose control. The depraved indifference to black life is a centuries old affliction in the neanderthal ape. These mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  8. I think the most important point here to address the mindset of the people who discriminate people based on the color of the skin. I came to US 2 years back and I have seen that there is not much discussion happening among the people regarding this. I could not understand if this my mis-conception or is it that the political class denies that this issue exists. Definitely there is a need to start this discussion sooon.

  9. Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

    I experience blatant hatred and racism von a daily basis in my home. There’s a rich and powerful white male who sits in a high place and has a personal vendetta against me for some reason. Every day of my life deadly, poisonous, chemical pesticides are released into my apartment. I am also tortured in many other ways. I will soon be sixty six years old, and I will not be able to take all of this torture much longer before I am eventually killed and nothing is being done about it because of racism and power of whites. I am not important because I am black and poor, and I have no support. I am unable to get assistance from the local law enforcement or any other agencies. Simple, I am poor, black and he is powerful, rich, and white. He is probably the Grand Wizard of The Knights of the KKK. I WILL SOON BE FOUND DEAD IN MY APARTMENT BECAUSE NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT MY SITUATION.

  10. Changing demographics is this to suggest that when minorities are in charge that life will magically be better? As if we can naturally run things much better? That the high death rate of young black males will disappear? And now we once again focus our attention to this law SYG as if to put forth the ridicules
    notion it was invented to kill blacks? Yo Chicago, Detroit, LA, DC, Oakland how’s that working out for ya?

  11. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Hate is what it is, pure hate, he should have been charged with a hate crime. They didn’t allow his jail letters and phone conversation(s) with his girlfriend in court to prove a hate crime was committed. I wonder about the mentality of people in Florida who support these type cases. These type of cases in Florida’s courts leave out vital information to help the young victims. They glorify the defendant and ignore/bash the deceased victim, in other word’s it doesn’t matter. I’ve never been to Florida, and never will set foot in Florida. Laws are made to be changed, and that rediculous stand your ground law is rediculous law, if that’s what they want to call it, it’s just an excuse to kill kill kill and walk away by hiding behind that rediculous law. God help!

  12. the Timekeeper on said:

    Yvonne you are absolutley correct. There is a cetain guilt ( although many would never, ever admit it. With these changing demographics does come a certain anxiety andfear of the unkown. For many who do carry this guilt, the big question is “What wil happen if minorities begin to treat us they same way we have been treating them? That is a scary thought for a lot of people. Partcularly those who have discreetly, subtly, and knowingly taken advantage of their complexion. They my or may not be prejudice, but they darn well know of the advantages they have had and have taken these advantages whenever the oportunity presents itself. I know many, many caucasian people who are just as real as we are. They dont think like that and have no problem standing for what is right. Unfortunately, there are a few Dunn;s out there who are shaking a the thought of n longer being in charge. Unil this law i repealed, our young black and brown boys are going to be the vitcim of their unbridled anger

  13. Yvonne Kendall on said:

    No, Don, they aren’t “willfully unaware of the changing demographics.” Their awareness is why they’re so frighteningly angry. With slipping control, they have an overwhelming fear that what goes around will come all the way back around. Apparently, they can’t conceive of grace and forgiveness.

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