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02/12/14- Reverend Al Sharpton discusses President Barack Obama‘s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

READ about President Obama’s initiative here.

9 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton on President Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative

  1. President Obama, my sons do not need to be apart of your My Brothers Keeper they have parents. Mr President my family do not need to be apart of Obamacare they have been insured all their lives but you could help us by calling Stephanie Neally and discussing our children lack of insurance coverage since Feb2012 when a written arrangement was made and payments taken between my spouse and the City of Chicago and LABF Pension Board under the guidance of Stephanie D. Neely and the ignorance of their attorney to call our home today after we left direct message not to reimburse on his check because that would mean if we cash check we are in agreement and the offer of $237 refund is not happening, your attorney did not even tell us the period of time this portion was covering but since we are black I guess they think we are stupid, but since we met before I would think they understood about critical thinking….my children have parents who have educated and insured them all their lives.

    • GreeneInk on said:

      Don’t make yourself a part of anything you don’t need.

      If you don’t need it, it ain’t for you anyway. Take your little privileged Talented Tenth brats and go raise them and stay the hayell out of everybody else’s business.

      You sound like somebody who thinks a whole public bus route that picks up 99 people at every stop needs to be changed and re-routed because it’s inconvenient for YOU to walk your arss over there like EVERYBODY ELSE.

      The sun does NOT fail to rise just because SOME people ain’t ready to wake up yet.

    • GreeneInk on said:

      Every page on the whitehouse website is white. You people are a trip the way you can’t be satisfied with having everything so whatever someone else gets, with your greedy asses, you want yours AND THEIRS, too. Nasty greedy filthy pilfering hoarding slave-mongering think you are entitled for life to free labor swine dogs.

    • GreeneInk on said:

      Whites need to stop riding everybody else’s gravy train and get off their arsses and actually work for a living on the REAL tip, because if Blacks and Mexicans weren’t doing all your work and feeding your lazy ass entitled privileged kids, you wouldn’t have jack anyway. Black folks ask for a piece of some shit we’ve been working for for 522 years and Satan throws a fit. We know why the devil throws a fit, because he’s a shithead who thinks he owns the whole g.d. world and everything and everybody in it. Effers.

  2. joe Valdez on said:

    My Brother’s Keeper???? sounds like more taxes$$$$, con games , election con game trying to lure Blacks to vote for Democrats.

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