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Very seldom do you hear that someone who went on NBC’s show “The Biggest Loser” went too far with their weight loss endeavors. However according to ET Online, the newly crowned winner this time has people gasping from concern at how much weight Rachel Frederickson dropped.

Words like anorexic are being thrown all over the place and it’s very serious. It’s not just the internets that are freaked out by her massive weight loss and decidedly tiny frame…take a look at what the trainers Jillian and Bob looked like upon laying eyes on Rachel. We could be wrong but it seems as though they are borderline horrified by how small she is.

Check the expressions on Bob and Jillian’s faces at about the 45 sec mark in the video below!

It seems as those the common reaction to her was one of concern. How crazy that must go from being judged for being too big…to now being judged for being too small.

We hope she is ok and we congratulate her on her win. That said..we also want her to take some of that quarter of a million dollars and go buy herself a sandwich…no really!


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