ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Michelle Obama has a message for students who are thinking about going to college: fill out the federal financial aid form.

The First Lady says completing the form is an important first step for students who want to finish their education.

But not enough students fill out the form. The U.S. Education Department says only about half of high school seniors file for their share of $150 billion in loans and grants the government makes available annually.

The First Lady said recent changes to the application process have made filling out the form quick and easy. She says there’s no reason now not to file.

Mrs. Obama spoke Wednesday at an Alexandria, Va., high school.

4 thoughts on “First Lady to Students: Apply for Federal Aid

  1. Debbie on said:

    I’m going to apply. Just maybe a 51 year old woman can get a college education. I was in school 2 years ago but I don’t have $439.00 for a Math class I don’t need and $100.00 for a book we never used. The whole school ciriculum needs to change.

    • Rhemas Place on said:

      Hi, Miss Debbie. Yes, you can obtain your degree at 51! I am in my 40s and earned a BBA degree this past December. I work in public administration at a university and had a student worker, Miss Norma, who was in her 60s! Miss Norma was a part of the inspiration that kept me going. She also obtained her degree in Social Work. So, you can do! Peace and Blessings to you…and yes apply for your federal aid!

  2. EvieHartmanvet on said:

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